MY Brest Friend

A lot has changed over the years when it comes to being a father. We have moved from the waiting room into the delivery room. Reclining in an easy chair, to wrestling on the floor. We have transitioned from father knows best to operating as a parental team. Yes a lot has changed.

Yet one thing that has remained the same is that fathers get short changed when it comes to cool parental equipment and accessories.

If you don’t believe me try a little experiment. Go to Google and search for mommy accessories. You no doubt found hundreds, if not thousands of useful items. Things ranging from Mommy necklaces, to breast feeding shirts, stylish diaper bags to Mommy Makeup. Now try the same search for daddy. When I did the search I found any number of items that would help me be a pimp, or a ‘Big Daddy’ but nothing to help me be a father.

So where does this leave us? Either we can go it alone, or we can make use of the flowery, pink or otherwise girlie mommy accessories. I have chosen the latter.

My wife has a couple of neat items that help her in being a Mom. One such idem I decided was good for Dad’s too is the My Brest Friend. As you might be able to guess from the name this is a breastfeeding pillow; which seems like the last thing I could possibly find a use for.

But hear me out.

I couldn’t help but notice that after Ariella fed and fell asleep she looked just so comfortable. Likewise I noticed Meghan could hold on to a sleeping baby for hours without getting an arm cramp, or ‘pins and needles’. Every time I hold Ariella for extended times I get both. Meghan let me in on her secret the other day, the pillow holds all Ariella’s weight, all Meghan does is support her head.

From that moment on I have been eying the pillow trying to work up the courage to try out that pink and white striped number. Tonight Meghan went out for groceries. Which meant my job was to make sure Ariella stayed asleep the entire time she was gone. The best way to ensure that happened is to hold her. Which meant an hour or more of snuggling, arm cramps and pins and needles. Tonight was the night to try out the My Brest Friend for myself.

I have to say along with the back support, which was great, it really was comfortable. I know I looked foolish, but Ariella slept great and I was super comfortable. So My Brest Friend, if you are reading this you should make a pillow with jet planes, sharks or skulls on it and call it ‘Dad’s Second Brest Friend’; because if you do I just might buy one.


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