Good News Sackville- Soothe Your Sole

For decades now a vibrant and fervent revolution has been going on. Women everywhere have been taking their rightful place in former ‘men only’ strongholds. Everything from business to politics, athletics to science, academia, to religion, if it used to have a spoken or unspoken ‘no girls allowed’ rule, that rule has been torn down.

We all know this. But there is another revolution going on that is less well known or at least less talked about. A revolution where men have begun to trickle in to places that were once thought to be for only women. Places like child rearing, cleaning, and cooking. These were once the bastions for housewives but they are now being invaded by men; and I believe it is a welcomed invasion.

But there is still one area where we men tread very lightly, being pampered. I will readily admit that while I am our household’s primary cook, I have never really considered heading out for a day at the spa. That is until Leeanne from Soothe Your Sole: Hand and Foot Spa contacted me to see if I wanted to test drive a pedicure.

Soothe Your Sole 1Hidden away in the SLIC Laser Clinic on 3 Pinehill Dr, Lower Sackville you will find Soothe Your Sole. The clever name would be enough to draw me in. But the remarkably well trained and very personable owner and operator Leeanne ensures this will not be my last pedicure.

My pedicure lasted about 45 minutes. It began with a soak in warm water, which moved to a lemon and cumin scrub, followed by a scraping of my heels, to a filling of my nails, then a buffing of my nails, a clean up of the cuticles, and finally ending with a light foot massage. This was highly enjoyable, and minus the odd giggle because I am rather ticklish on my feet, it was incredibly relaxing.

Of course while I was being pampered two other great things were happening, First my shoes were receiving a UV treatment designed to disinfect and help eliminate odor. This is just one of the many services that makes Soothe Your Sole unique.To the best of Leeanne’s knowledge, this UV sanitation treatment is not offered in any other spa in Nova Scotia

Second my wife was getting a small gift. She dislikes the look of my man toenails, and hates it if they touch her in bed. By the time I was finished my toes were, dare I say it, pretty.

If you have never had a pedicure now is a great time to try one. Or if you have been getting them for years, this might be a great time to try a new location.

Take some time to review Soothe Your Sole’s website and like their Facebook page. As a bonus right now Leeanne is running a contest. If you like the Facebook page and fill out the contest form you have a chance of winning a 75 minute organic pedicure and a 60 minute organic manicure.

The time is now for us men to take our rightful place in the spas enjoying some pampering of our own. And ladies, I suppose you can keep coming too.

Knowing that there is a person and small business with such a proficient talent in Sackville is good news.

Soothe Your Sole

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