Agave Sweetened Hot Chocolate

I have been trying to make some minor health changes in my life lately. I’ve;

1. stopped taking sugar in my coffee

2. started only drinking one coffee a day

3. switched from cream to whole milk in my coffee

4. drastically reduce the amount of pop I drink

5. drastically reduce the amount of potato chips I eat

7. been more mindful of refined sugar in my food and am trying to use more healthy substitutes when possible

8. been drinking more water

Ok so this has a lot to do with what I drink. And all and all I have been doing pretty well. But as I cut back on coffee I have wanted to substitute it, ideally some other hot drink, like hot chocolate. Of course hot chocolate is so sugary I wasn’t really helping myself out at all so I decided to look and see if I could find a homemade hot chocolate recipe that uses agave.

I was please to say I found one here at recipe is very simple and very tasty. So tasty in fact i think you should give it a try right now.

First you need to gather your supplies. For every serving you’ll need;

1 cup milk (I used skim the first time and 3% the second and I liked the 3% better, but I like my hot chocolate creamy)
1 Tbsp cocoa
1 Tbsp agave nectar (I think it could use about 1 1/4 Tbsp myself)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp cinnamon

What can I say; I'm a Costco shopper

What can I say; I’m a Costco shopper

Second mix everything in a pot on the stove

Don't mind the mess.

Don’t mind the mess.

Finally just stir away for five minutes or so until everything is nicely mixed and properly heated then voila, you have yourself a nice refined sugar free hot chocolate to enjoy.

Agave Hot Chocolate

Now if I only could find a sugar free marshmallow

While I still get the coffee withdrawal shakes from time to time this much healthier hot chocolate is a very tasty substitute. If you are looking to cut down your refined sugar intake, or are just wanting to try a simple homemade hot chocolate I would strongly suggest this one.

10 thoughts on “Agave Sweetened Hot Chocolate

  1. Looks yummy 🙂 I love a touch of cinnamon! Every time I hear someone cutting back on coffee I panic… I usually only drink 2 cups a day, but when I hear someone cutting back I want to drink about 10! Good job making better (simple) choices, I’m doing that as well.

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  3. Yum. I think it’s awesome that you are making these little changes for your health!
    And I reeeeally don’t want to burst your bubble, but agave is apparently not a natural sweetener and isn’t all that healthy for you. I only discovered this last month (and still have some Costco agave nectar to get through). But it is no longer considered ‘clean’. Too bad, huh? Maybe you could try honey or maple syrup?

    • I KNEW IT! I told Meghan I was just waiting to hear that. That now that everyone was starting to switch over that someone would break the news that all our hard work/extra money spent was a big waste. The next thing to watch for is all the articles about agave causing cancer.

      Oh well….

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