Mothers’ Advice For Father’s Day

Father’s day is coming soon. And I wanted to write up a little advice piece about it. But then I had this terrible realization, ‘if I write my own advice piece it is like I am telling my family how to do Father’s day!’ Now where is the fun in that? So instead I asked for help from some Mommy Bloggers. Here are the ladies that graciously came to my rescue;

Jaymie is the mother of one wonderful daughter who blogs at Just Jaym. Jaymie writes about her family, cooking, and getting active.

Heather is the mother of, in her own words, ‘one precocious preschooler’ who blogs at MMM…Is For Mommy. Heather’s blog is filled with delicious original recipes and lots of great product reviews.

Rach is the mother of ‘Donut’ which might be the cutest blog nickname for a girl I have ever heard. Rach blogs at Life Ever Since sharing her experiences as a wife and mother of one, soon to be two.

As you consider how best to thank the father of your children why not listen to what these ladies have to say.

1. First off the advice my wife gave me leading up to our first Mother’s Day and Father’s Day was, ‘Mother’s Day comes first’, so let me ask did your partner do Mother’s day right?

Jaymie I will start by saying, your wife is right. Mother’s Day does come first (as it should), so I hope all those Dad’s did it right for the Momma’s in their lives. My Mother’s Day this year was wonderful.He went above and beyond. He helped my little one make me a beautiful card, bought me a gorgeous planter and flowers for my back deck. All of this went along with sleeping in and breakfast served in bed! He gets an A++ this year!! 

Heather– He did… he loved the gift I picked out and bought for myself (haha) and actually went out with DD and bought me another surprise gift.

Rach– No.  Mother’s Day was a bit rough this year.  Without going into the messy details, all I can say is that I wish it had been much different.  Perhaps I’ll get a do-over one day this year.

2. I won’t ask you what you are planning on doing this year, after all I would hate to ruin any surprises you have planned. Instead what was something you did in on a previous Father’s Day that made it special? 

Jaymie– My little girl’s Dad is an avid fisherman. Last year I went to Wal-Mart, stood in front of the wall of fishing gear and let her pick out a few fishing lures for Daddy. I made a little basket with a few fishing magazines and a couple “Fishing Day Passes” for the summer to come. A day where he could head out fishing, no questions asked from Momma and little one! This year I have a surprise up my sleeve that I know will keep this fisherman happy! You will have to drop by and find out in a couple week’s time

Heather It always involves me cooking or baking something spectacular for him and I always give up the hammock on fathers day to him (one day only).

Rach– My husband doesn’t like to be fussed over, so his idea of a fun day is getting to eat what he wants and just relaxing.  I try to either make a special dinner or a nice dessert for him.  Granted, this will only be our 3rd Father’s Day so we’re still learning the ropes!

3. I know you want to show your partner that you appreciate everything he has done this year, but we can be limited by our money and our time. Still what would you do if you had unlimited money, and lots of time?

Jaymie– I am a true believer in it’s the small things that mean the most. That being said, each year I do a craft with our little one for her Daddy. Her first year, we did the handprints and footprints, with a poem written over top of it, and a small photo in the corner. I framed it and to this day it hangs in his office at work.This along with the privilege of sleeping in that morning kept my hubby happy! .

Heather– If time and money weren’t a factor, I’d be taking him on a Disney Cruise.

Rach– If I had unlimited money (and say, a nanny), I’d send him on a trip to visit one of his woodworking idols for a weekend of hands-on learning.

4. Right now I suspect there are new moms searching the net for ideas to give their partner the best first Father’s day possible. What is the one piece of advice you would like to give to these moms?

Jaymie– Keep it simple and from the heart. We all know men love to be appreciated for what they do. Taking the time to do a craft or activity that takes time and thought will mean the most. Document those tiny fingers and toes, because as they say, and I am now finding out for myself, they grow up so very fast. Show the Dad in your life that he is doing a fantastic job with the small stuff! As a side note- “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, I know this proves to be true in my household. Cooking a fantastic breakfast and supper will keep him happy! Good luck Mom’s!

HeatherMy advice would be to focus on family. I doubt anyone becomes a parent for a yearly gift and would rather do something together as a family to create lasting memories. Taking a group photo of dad and kiddos together each year on Fathers Day is nice too.

Rach– The one piece of advice I’d give new moms who are planning their first Father’s Day is not to worry about having a perfect day.  Make it a family day, even if it’s messy & crazy.  That’s what the day is really about–all the craziness that comes from having children.  Just celebrate your new family and focus more on just being instead of doing.

I hope these gals have helped give you some idea to create a great Father’s day!

My First Ever Father's Day, Meghan Did A Great Job With It

My First Ever Father’s Day, Meghan Did A Great Job With It

9 thoughts on “Mothers’ Advice For Father’s Day

  1. thanks Chris and thanks ladies for your advice. This is my husband’s second father’s day and we have 2 kids already :p we are just going to hang out as a family and take the kids to the park, he can have a nap (haha he always says he wishes he could nap in the middle of the day like the kids do), and he are doing a big order for him at as thats all he ever wants :p He will be happy 🙂

  2. I love the answers to the last question. I hope this helps a lot of moms out there to plan a fun Father’s Day!

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