A Father’s Blessing

I had a wonderful father’s day, and I certainly hope you did as well. Meghan made a lovely breakfast of bacon, crepes and smoothies. After our breakfast was consumed we played a little game of ‘find the father’s day presents’. Meghan and the kids hid 12 little silicon donut molds. I was so excited to get these! I love donuts and I have been wanting to make them myself for but I could not find a donut pan anywhere! This was a great surprise.

The surprises didn’t end there, as I was poking around looking for donut molds I discovered a copy of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. As the day went on my enjoyment continued. I enjoy some more favorite foods; a donut burger from Angles Pub and Family Eatery, and a sub from Kaiser’s Subs. In between meals Simeon and I swam at the Sackville Sports Stadium. It was a blast jumping off the diving board and running along the floating platform.

I finished the day playing Mega Bloks: Match and Build with SImeon and Ariella. It was a close game there for a while but Simeon won. Once the house became quiet with everyone in bed I just drank in the feelings of love and appreciation I was given all day. If I had to sum up the way I felt with one word I would say I was, blessed.

At Sackville Baptist we have been looking at the life of Joseph. On Father’s day I got to talk about Jacob blessing Joseph and his sons’. While Jacob wouldn’t win any father of the year awards he knew how important it was to pass a blessing to his son and grandchildren.

Recently the New York Times Room for debate asked the question; What are fathers for? The reason they give for asking the question is this, ‘In almost half the American households with children, mothers are the sole or primary breadwinners…So what is the purpose of men in modern families?’ 

I don’t want to take anything away from the single moms that are doing great jobs raising their children while holding down a job, or jobs. They are giving so much of themselves. Nor do I disdain women making more money than men. Knowing the likely upper limits of my salary I am hoping one day my wife will make more money than I do.

However my question is this. where have all the fathers gone? Why have so many fathers  decided that they can simply skip out on their children? The BBC reported that there are some areas where 75% of children have no meaningful contact with their father! It would be foolish for us to think the same problems are not here as well.

On Father’s day my family made me feel incredibly blessed. I believe it is my joyful duty to like Jacob bless my children. I bless them with my time, attention, approval, protection, guidance and so much more. A lot of dads are getting the message now that it is time to really step up. But it seems like at the same time many have decided they can walk away.

We can’t force people to be good fathers. But we can expand our goal to bless beyond our own families. There are many children out their looking for someone to come along side them and tell them that they matter, that they are valuable. Maybe you are the person they are looking for.

Newborn Photo Of Me and My Daughter Ariella. Photo Taken By Laura O'Rouke of mommy-miracles.com

Newborn Photo Of Me and My Daughter Ariella. Photo Taken By Laura O’Rouke of mommy-miracles.com


**This post is a much altered version of the sermon I gave at Sackville United Baptist Church on June 16th 2013. You can listen to the full sermon here.**

9 thoughts on “A Father’s Blessing

  1. Thank you Christopher for giving us a fathers view of the delivery room. It is rarely mentioned. Also for sharing the fact that even though the end result is magnificent the in between stuff is hardly glorious! Your cander is truly refreshing

  2. Thank you for that post Christopher… you are a very involved daddy and your children are blessed to have you as their father.:)

  3. Children need their Fathers. While I believe most single mothers are doing amazing jobs raising their children, there are some areas that a man is needed.

    Surprised to hear me say that? I have always said (admittedly aggressively at times) that women can do everything any man can do (and vice versa). I now know this is not true.

    I cannot teach my son to be a man. I can tell him how a man should act. I can tell him what I know about manhood. I cannot show him. I cannot be the example of manhood he needs.

    I can tell my daughter how a man should treat her. I can tell her that she deserves to be respected by men and treated with dignity. I cannot show her how a man treats a woman with respect and dignity.

    Children need a positive male role model in their lives. In many situations the father cannot (or will not) be this role model.

    You asked where have all the fathers gone? In many instances they did not have this positive male in their lives and therefore have no idea how to be a father. Humans have a tendency to repeat history. It has become this vicious cycle now and we need to break it. We need more male mentors. We need more stand up fathers.We need to see good men who aren’t made out to be losers. We need more positive males in our pop culture. Our young boys need someone to look up to besides Lil Wayne and Charile Sheen.

    • This is a great reflection of the problems we face. Many men had bad examples of what a been a father looked like, So now that they are fathers they are as bad or worse. Of course somewhere along the way someone has to say I will do better! Let’s just hope the boys and girls lacking fathers will find some mentors who will invest in their life.

      And yes you surprised me a little. It is funny how our opinions can change over time, don’t worry I won’t tell the Mount.

  4. You Christopher have the love and respect of your family, because you give them your love and respect. Some fathers can not seem to do that, and in the process they lose out on a lot of love, and knowing what it is like to be a real father. God bless you and your family.

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