4 Things I Liked More Before I Became A Dad

There is so much that I love about being a dad. But as I shared before I do not think that every moment of every day is a joyful one when you become a parent. In fact there are a number of things in my life that I enjoy less since I became a dad. I thought I would share some of those with you today;

1. 12 am- Staying up late used to be a fact of life for me. I have always been more of a ‘night owl than a morning lark’. My children on the other hand do not know the meaning of the words ‘sleeping in’. 7 am is the best we do 90% of the time. Even when Meghan and I tried to rotate Saturdays to sleep in I rarely fell back asleep after the kids woke me up. 12am used to mean the night was  just getting started now all being up at 12am means is I am very tired the next day.

2. Eating Out- I used to go out after church for lunch almost every week. As a single guy this weekly trip cost me between $6 and $13. Adding a wife to the mix meant our weekly outing jumped to $12 to $25. Now with two children ordering their own meals we can easily sink $50 into one non fast food meal. Of course money isn’t only issue. I won’t lie, I didn’t like eating around noisy toddlers when I was single. Now that I am a dad of three I HATE subjecting others to the noise we make.

3. Going To The Bathroom-  I can’t say I ever enjoyed using the bathroom before. Maybe it is better to say before I had kids I took peaceful moments in the bathroom for granted. Now no matter how occupied my children are before I head into the bathroom I can almost guarantee when that door closes either; a) a fight breaks out b) someone starts pounding on the door or c) those little fingers creep underneath the bathroom door followed by the elongated ‘daaaaaddyyyyy‘ . That last one always freaks me out, It reminds me of something you would see in a horror movie.

4. The Quiet- i used to LOVE having a few unexpected quiet hours in the afternoon or evening. And I still do if quiet means Meghan and the kids have gone out somewhere and I am on my own. But that doesn’t really happen very often. The quiet I mean is when my kids suddenly stop making noise. This tends to happen after I see they are playing well together and are seemingly fully occupied so take the opportunity to wash some dishes, clean up the kitchen , or start to make dinner. Than as I am working on my task I realise it is quiet, too quiet. For everyone who has or had preschoolers and toddlers you know they rarely play quietly. But boy oh boy can they do mischief quiet. I hate it when the kids are out of eyesight and they get mysteriously quiet.

Since I became a dad I have given up a few small joys to gain many much larger ones. Having someone knock on the bathroom door is a small price to pay for all the joy and laughter we have shared so far. Never the less even amongst the laughter l enjoy some activities a lot less now. What about you, what are somethings you find you enjoy less now as a parent compared to being a single person or a couple?

You are all worth all the early wake ups in the world

You three are worth all the early wake ups in the world


6 thoughts on “4 Things I Liked More Before I Became A Dad

  1. My kids are pretty good when quiet. They can hang out together in their bedroom and I much prefer them to be quiet than screaming and crying at each other.

    Also, I think going to bed early comes with adulthood. Dan used to go to bed much earlier than me even when we were dating because he had a 9-5 job and I was in school with a staggered schedule.

    For me, I used to LOVE grocery shopping. Now I hate it – especially when the kids are involved (although they are pretty cute when they help).

  2. I love this post!! I’ve been reading for a while, first time commenting 🙂 As a first time mom I can totally relate to this. I think you’ve actually inspired me to write my own post on the subject for a parenting site I occasionally write for. If I do, I’ll make sure to let you know.

    Laura- growing up we always got cookies at the grocery store. Both Sobeys and Superstore have them at the bakery for kids under 12, both the cole harbour stores do it when you move over here 🙂

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