You’re Doing It Right/Wrong

Things every parent is doing right;



Things every parent is doing wrong;



In conclusion along with setting up RESP’s for your children you should consider setting up a ‘future therapy’ fund. Also if you spend a lot of time sharing delightful/’Daaaaaaad I can’t believe you said THAT on-line’ stories on the internet you may want to double up the ‘future therapy’ savings.

You're Posting This On-Line Aren't You Dad

You’re Posting This On-Line Aren’t You Dad



6 thoughts on “You’re Doing It Right/Wrong

  1. Wow! Asher has gotten so big! and adorable 🙂
    Also you’re so right. I am sick of being bombarded by ‘Super Moms’. We are all going to screw our kids up to some degree (undeniably some more than others lol). I tell Logan on a daily basis he’s going to find me embarrassing some day, and I am going to find that amusing 🙂

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