Introducing- DIY Bunk Beds

This Canada Day weekend has been rather rainy here in the HRM. But that was OK for us because we had a project to work on. Since Saturday morning we have been busily building Simeon and Ariella* their new bunk beds. I say we but I really mean; Walter my step-father in-law, Tricia my mother in-law and Meghan we busily building them. I did get to use a power sander for a while which was kind of fun. But let’s face it sanding is the carpentry equivalent of letting your little brother keep score while you play sports because your mom made you take him along.

Anyway the bed came out looking great. In the immortal words of LeVar Burton from Reading Rainbow, ‘Of course, you don’t have to take *my* word for it.’

Look At Our New Bed

Look At Our New Bed

Ariella Likes Her Bottom Bunk

Ariella Likes Her Bottom Bunk

And Simeon seems pretty taken with his top bunk

And Simeon seems pretty taken with his top bunk

Up and Down, and Up and Down

Up and Down, and Up and Down


While the kids are loving having a new bed I am loving the price tag that came with it. We spent $500 for all the materials to make the bed and on two new twin mattress. We picked up the wood from two local mills and the mattress from Nothing Fancy  Furniture Warehouse. Thankfully Grampy Walter is a carpenter so we had at least one person that knew 100% what needed to be done.

If you feel like taking this project on here is where we found the plans. Obviously we made some changes, and we are waiting for the wood to fully dry before we stain it.

Allow me to go on record and say it is great having a carpenter in the family. We still have a few unmarried family members. By my reckoning we still have openings for: a mechanic, a lawyer and a doctor.

Thank you Walter and Tricia for giving up your long weekend to do this, and thank you Mom and Dad for buying another bed for the kids, I promise this is the last one.


Thank you Mommy, Grammy, and Grampy Walter

Thank You Everyone!


*in case anyone was wondering the plan is to have Simeon and Ariella share a room until either a) Asher is old enough to share the room with Simeon instead or b) We are living in a house that has more bedrooms. One or the other will happen before it gets awkward for a brother and sister to share a room.

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