New Bed-Night Three

I heard a thud and smash coming from Simeon and Ariella’s room as I prepared dinner. Before I could safely stow away what I was doing to investigate Simeon came into the kitchen to announce that Ariella had broken a light. He wasn’t kidding. From the top bunk Ariella easily reached the light fixture in the ceiling, unscrewed the light bulb and for reasons beyond me and likely her she dropped it to the ground.

I stood staring at a shattered spiral light bulb trying to remember the hazmat procedure Efficiency Nova Scotia made me sign before they would install these little bundles of mercury into our home.

In that moment I regretted where we placed the bed.

7pm came. Bedtime. Our books were read, our teeth were brushed, our pj’s were on, our bladders were empty it was time for sleep to come. Ariella had other plans. I laid in her bed with her for a while. She insistent on talking and playing, I insistent that she sleep. After 45 minutes I was grouchy and she was no closer to falling sleep than when we started.

Meghan traded places with me, she laid beside Ariella and I entertained Asher. 30 minutes later Meghan returned. Ariella had thwarted another parent.

By this time it seemed like Asher was ready go to sleep himself, Meghan took Asher to see if she would be more successful coxing him to sleep. Every minute or so afterward Ariella decided to pop out for a visit. I alternated between growling at her to go back to bed, silently picking her up and placing her in bed, and gently telling her that it was bed time.

By 8:50 I was regretting moving Ariella out of her crib.

When I put her in bed for what felt like the millionth time I decided to make the best of it. I waited at the end of the hall for her to emerge again. A few seconds passed and she did just that.I snapped a quick picture. (If I am going to have a rough night I should at least get a good photo so I can blog about it.)

The flash surprised her. After she realized I took a picture she flashed me one of her big grins. The melt your heart forget that it is now two hours past your bedtime kind of grin. I walked her back into her room and laid down beside her.

This time she snuggled on to her pillow, and drew one of her stuffies close. Within a few minutes her fidgeting stopped. Then her breathing relaxed. Then she began to snore. I took an extra minute to look at her as she now finally slept and thought,’frig you are cute when you’re asleep.’

With that I ever so carefully got up and left the room. 2 hours and 15 minutes later bedtime finally came, I think we made it through night three with a new bed.

Caught You!

Caught You!

7 thoughts on “New Bed-Night Three

  1. Sometimes, I think my baby secretly has Inspector Gadget arms. It amazes me, the things I think are out of his reach that he manages to get a hold of!

    I can’t say I’m excited for the crib to bed transition!

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