Reasons My Two Year Old Won’t Go To Sleep

There are some nights that I really understand why Adam Mansbach wrote the book, ‘Go The F*** To Sleep‘ Some nights my two year old daughter just refuses to go to sleep. Here are some of the reasons she won’t go to sleep;

I don’t want toooooooooo

I want the pillow the other way

No the other way

NO the OTHER way

I want to be on my back


The blanket fell off my feet

The blanket is the wrong way

NO the OTHER way

I want my baby

My other baby

The blanket fell off my feet again

I’m thirsty

I need to pee

You lay down daddy

NO daddy Don’t lay down

Daddy lay on your back

YOUR belly

My blanket fell off again


Where’s Patchy Patch?

I want the princess blanket

No the whale blanket 


No grow bag!

Where is my grow bag?

The blanket fell off my feet AGAIN

I’m not tired

I want to sleep on you

On your belly

On your knee

My blanket fell OFF

I’m thirsty

I’ve got boggers

I don’t want tooooooooooooo

Where is my puppy?

Where is my cow?

Where is my other cow?

I want to sleep on the car pillow

No the other car

NOOO my princess pillow

On youuuuuu!

My blanket FELL off AGAIN

Each night the battle rages on. I count myself lucky if we both emerge from getting the kids settled into bed by 10pm.

Why won’t your children fail asleep?

Reasons My Two Year Old Won't Go To Sleep

21 thoughts on “Reasons My Two Year Old Won’t Go To Sleep

  1. I know it’s not hilarious… but it’s kinda hilarious. K is also full of reasons why she can’t sleep lately, although she is not quite as creative as Ariella…
    This too shall pass….right?

  2. Gavin is awesome at sleep – and now, even in a big boy bed. Sometimes it seems like he wants to say “WTF, guys?! Shut up already, it is time for me to sleep.” Cameron is the bedtime manipulator king though. By that point however I’ve lost most of my patience, so I don’t put up with this stuff for long.

  3. My child won’t fall asleep because he wants me to read your blog to him. Random I know, but even though at 2 he’s not a dad himself, he can relate to it coming from the child’s perspective.

    Oh, and he can’t find his bear…

  4. Found you quite by accident and happy I did. My toddler isn’t 2 yet but almost there and so far I’ve had no problems but I can surely see it coming. Thanks for preparing me with the excuses. 🙂

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