Good News Sackville- Tidal Impact

As a rule I don’t want to make ‘Good News Sackville‘ about the things that I do or Sackville Baptist does around the community. That feels a little too ‘braggy’ for me. But the Tidal Impact team has so blown me away that I just have to say something. These teens took a week out of their summer to do good work in Sackville NS. And they did amazing work. While numbers don’t tell the whole story here are some numbers to reflection on. During Tidal Impact we;

  • Picked up 12 bags of garbage from around First Lake
  • Picked up 2 full black garbage bags of dog poop out of a baseball field
  • Removed 60 black garbage bags of lake grass from First Lake
  • Pulled 20+ wheelbarrows of weeds out of the gardens behind Acadia Hall
  • Covered 1 hill in fresh mulch
  • Taught 12 children that they are dearly loved
  • Sang 10 songs to 20 wonderful seniors to brighten their day
  • Filled 2 pick up trucks to the brim with food for Beacon House

Good News Sackville Tidal ImpactThis is only a taste of what we did during the week. We also dug deep into our very souls at rallies and other devotional times. We took time every day to reflected on what it means to really love our neighbours as we follow Jesus. When Christians decided to really get out there into the community to bless it, to love it, and to make it better that is good news.


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