My 5 Best Posts That You Probably Haven’t Read

I am on vacation. Well sort of. As I am writing this post I am 12 days away from of going on vacation. By the time this post goes live I will have been on vacation for two and a half weeks. Right now I am planning on doing my best to stay away from my computer to enjoy some family time. But I also want to keep this blog alive and well. That is why I was so excited to have so many great guest bloggers over the past month.

This blog is now six months old which in terms of the internet is getting pretty old. Since a number of you have started reading this in the last few months I thought I would go through my archive and bring out a few posts I am rather proud of to show off. So here are my 5 best posts that you probably haven’t read;

1. The Park– This post originally was written on April 11 2011 for my first half hearted attempt at a dad blog. Simeon was 2, Ariella was a newborn and if you asked I would have told you we were stopping at two kids. At this time I was on a three month parental leave helping my wife run her at home day care. This post is all about the battle getting the kids ready to go to the park.

2. New Level Of Gross– This post is from the same era. Sailors have to develop their sea legs dads have to develop daddy stomachs, and I don’t mean the beer belly or washboard ab kind.

3. Video Game Life Lessons: Mega Man– I haven’t spent enough time developing a solid nerd following for posts like this. But I love the blue bomber and he has taught me some wonderful things.

4. You’re Doing It Right/Wrong– A very short post I wrote to illustrate that nobody is perfect.

5. Baked Spiced Donuts– I know I know donuts are supposed to be fried not baked. But still if you have a donut pan or donut molds these bad boys are pretty good.

Thanks for walking down memory lane/ my archives with me. I look forward to adding to the archive when I come back from vacation.

My 5 Best

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