Last Child Lazy

Today I gave Asher a bath while Simeon and Ariella watched a video and Meghan was at work. I didn’t do it to add to my super dad points, and I didn’t do it because it was bath day. I gave Asher a bath because as I was holding him this morning I leaned in to give him a kiss on the head and thought,

‘What is that smell?’

Turned out it was his head. As I thought about it I was not sure when he last had a bath. I didn’t think it was that long ago. But between being away, Meghan going back to work, and my procedure maybe it was longer than I had realized.

So in to the baby spa he went to, as we affectionately say in our house, ‘to get the stinks off’.

last child lazyOver the past few weeks I have been reflecting on how Meghan and I have changed as parents over the last 4 1/2 years. Some of the things are good;a we are both considerable more confident, more comfortable and more knowledgeable. Other things are not as good. Like at six months Asher still is sleeping in our bed for half the night, and despite daycare coming up in only a weeks time he still doesn’t really take a bottle.

We have definitely become last child lazy.What about you? If you have done any of the following you just may have become last child (or multiple child) lazy;

1.You look at your partner and ask, ‘when did the kids have a bath last?’, and neither of you can remember

2. You deem your child clean enough to go out even if they have spit up on their outfit three ‘little’ times

3. You vaguely remember saying; ‘I will never feed my child hotdogs!‘, as you cook them for the third time this month

4. You barely make it through breakfast before you burn through the ‘only 30 minutes of screen time allow rule’ you read about during when you were first expecting

5. The kids only get out of their PJ’s because it is bedtime and they need to put on clean ones for the night

6. Those brightly coloured toy storage shelves you bought to organize your playroom have been empty for a month

7. Clothes never get put away, they are on the ‘child- hamper -wash-dry-laundry basket- child’ cycle

8. You have a very generous ’10 second’ rule

9. When your baby drops their soother, a quick rub on the arm/leg is all the cleaning it needs

10. You look at your children’s faces at supper and realise they are still dirty from lunch

11. Your first child’s three baby books are done, your second child has one started, and you are pretty sure the rest of your kids have baby books to be filled out.

I could go on. In fact I hope you do. I would love to hear some ways you have become or became last child lazy (or just multiple child lazy).

4 1/2 years ago I began my journey sure I would be a lousy parent. Somewhere along the way I started to think that I would become a super parent. Today I am  content trying to be a good parent. In our house sometimes good means, dirty faces, pj days, hot dogs and a lot of cartoons. And some days it means all four.

Hey You Missed A Spot

Hey You Missed A Spot

6 thoughts on “Last Child Lazy

  1. Is it bad that most of those things apply and I only have one? I’m lucky when I can get us all fed (even if it is KD… again) But really! I *am* a good mom!

  2. Pretty much all of those apply to life with our second child. In particular the screen time (it flies by!), the food and the clothes with “stuff”(just a little) on them throughout the day 🙂

    • I know screen time is crazy. When we just had the one kid he really did only watch about 30 minutes a day and that was an educational ‘Your Baby Can Read’ video. The last few days basicly have been video/DS marathons. With the TV being on after Breakfast until mid-afternoon

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