HRM Parent Guest Blogger!

I am pretty excited to share that I will continue on being a HRM Parent guest blogger as part of their ‘Life As Dad‘ series. I am so honored and thrilled to be apart of this great local resource. If you live in or are planning a visit to the Halifax Regional Municipality and have children then you really ought to take a moment and head over to They are a great source of information about all that is happening in the HRM as it relates to families and they are a wonderful community if you have questions to ask.

You can expect to see my blog posts up on;

Tuesday September 24th
Tuesday October 22nd
Tuesday November 19th

If you have never taken the time to read any of the ‘Life As Dad’ blogs or anything else on HRM Parent for that matter why don’t you start now. Here is the first post I did for them back on July 23rd;

One of the unexpected benefits I have received when I became a dad is the reawakening of my own imagination. While my imagination remained active and in use after my own childhood it had weakened.

I remember fondly as a kid playing with toys and making them come alive. They had personality, history, goals, desires and so much more. Some of those toys were things like action figures. Being a child of the 80’s/90’s meant I was never in short supply of Ninja Turtles or Transformers. But those toys merely served as my canvas and my clay. They were whatever I wanted them to be.

Then suddenly I ‘grew up’. I became too old for such games and I moved on. A few years after I put my toys away I found myself looking at them again. But it wasn’t the same. That spark of imagination was gone. They no longer came alive for me. They had become only lumps of plastic and paint.

Continue reading over at HRM Parent

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