Learning To Take The Bottle—Upated

Once we knew that Meghan was going back to work, and Asher would be heading to daycare we started bottle training. It is not going well.

We have tried;

Pure breast milk

Part milk part formula

All formula

A different formula

Another different formula

Making the milk, milk/formula, formula warmer

Making the milk, milk/formula, formula colder

We have tried four different bottle types, and at least as many nipples.

We’ve tried letting him be upset and more or less force feeding him

And we have tried only giving him a bottle when he is happy.


After about 20 stressful and unsuccessful minutes with the bottle this morning this is pretty much how I feel at the moment

beauty and the beast

At this point I’ll take pretty much any tip you have.


So Asher decided to make a slight liar out of me at lunch, sort of. He decided that he would drink a few oz from me if and ONLY IF he could;

a) drink pure breast milk

b) drink it cold

c) be feed like a cafe sitting in his bumbo chair

This kid I swear

daddy's a lair

3 thoughts on “Learning To Take The Bottle—Upated

  1. neither of my kids ever took a bottle so I have no good advice but I did enjoy your post..especially the Beast pic! haha! Does that amber necklace really seem to help with the teething?

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