5 Kids Things I Appreciate More Now That I Am An Adult

There are a lot of great things about being a kid. And there are a lot of great things about being an adult. Most of them are different. But there are some things that are part of both worlds. A few of these kids things have become better now that I am an adult. Here are 5 kid things I appreciate more now that I am an adult;

1.Naps- I might as well start us off with the obvious. I am sure like most kids I fought taking naps. When you are a kid you don’t want to stop all of the awesome things you are doing to nap. You want to keep playing with toys and games and being nutty. But boy oh boy now that I am an adult with three kiddlets waking me up all hours of the night, and brighten and early in the morning are there ever days where I would love to take one of those two hour naps I refused.

2. Mr Rogers- When I was a kid I enjoyed Mr Rogers like many other people. I liked the sweater vests, taking his shoes off to put his slippers on, the trolley and his gentle singing voice. But as an adult I have learned that Fred Rogers was an ordained Christian minister. Without even saying the words ‘God’ or ‘Jesus’ he taught generations of children about the importance of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. Also thanks to him I now know when something bad happens in the world I should tell my kids to look for the helpers. I hope I can be half the pastor Mr Rogers was.

3. Disney and Pixar Movies- I believe that everyone should watch cartoons. I think they keep people young and fun. I loved Disney and Pixar movies when I was a kid. Now that I am rewatching them with my children I see them in a whole new light. There were jokes I didn’t get, like when Buzz Lightyear got drunk on tea. And there were phrases I didn’t understand, did you know that Ursula called Ariel ‘The little tramp’? If you have not watched your favorite Disney and Pixar movies since you were a kid you need too. 

4. Christmas Morning- If you ask her my mother will tell you all about the Christmas Eves I couldn’t sleep, and the ‘rip, tear and destroy’ mornings. I thought being a kid on Christmas morning was the height of joy, but I was wrong. As an adult I get to enjoy my gifts, enjoy watching my children go crazy over their gifts, and I get to drink in all the family togetherness to boot. Being a kid on Christmas morning was fun, as as adult I found it joyful.

5. Optimus Prime- As a kid I was a big transformers fan. That has not changed in my adult years. When I was a kid I thought; ‘Big robots that turn into vehicles and fought each other, cool!‘ As an adult when I watch the G1 cartoon, the new movies and the newest cartoon I see a leader struggling to stay moral, lead a group of people with very different personalities, all the while trying to accomplish a seemingly impossible goal. These are all skills I hope I will continue to develop. Of course I also get to enjoy big robots turning into awesome vehicles that fight each other, some things don’t change.  

That is my list, what about you have you found a kid thing that you appreciate more now that you are an adult?

Kid Me

I am adorable, don’t you think so?

8 thoughts on “5 Kids Things I Appreciate More Now That I Am An Adult

  1. I absolutely love just about all of the things you listed except I wasn’t a Transformers fan 😉 I also love writing notes for my daughter’s lunch at school almost as much as I loved receiving them as a kid

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