Special Guest Blogger Chris Drew Circa 1997

Yesterdays post was kind of ‘angsty’, if that is a word. That reminded me of something I have been wanting to do for awhile now. The last time we moved I found a boxed filled with my old journals, short stories and poetry. I thought it might be fun to have today’s blog be brought to you by a special guest, Chris Drew from Junior High School.

Chris a some what conflicted guy. He has been a nerd pretty much all his life but doesn’t want to be anymore. He has a girlfriend in a different school (no really he does) who is a lot more popular than him. This causes him a lot of happiness and stress. He is happy because she doesn’t see the nerd in him. But he is stressed because he is afraid she will. To deal with this stress he wrote a lot. Here are a few of his pieces of poetry.

Without further adieu here is some of My Teenage Angsty Poetry;

old me edit


Humanity is a word that is misunderstood

to be human does not give you humanity

Humanity is caring, loving

It is helping each other

Forgiving what people did to you

Respecting a person you do not know

I ask but one question

Why can beasts show respect

at least to their own

And the animal of all fights for nothing

Why do so few of us have



Heat is awful

the smell of sulphur everywhere

people walking around like beaten dogs

They have no names, then they would be people

lakes of blood flood streets,

or what used to be streets

to leave your spot is to die

Welcome, welcome to school.


Life is full of simple choices

or so called simple<

they can confuse the bright

leave me half dead

It`s a simple answer a


right or wrong

good or bad

If it`s so simple why am I always, always wrong

But What Do You Think?

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