I Don’t Like The Gym…But I Am Going Again

It is time to let the cat out of the bag. Meghan and I signed up for gym memberships at the Sackville Sports Stadium. By my count this is the 7th time I have attempted to join and stick to the gym. I failed at each other attempt because truthfully I really dislike the gym.

I dislike the profuse sweating I do when I work out

I dislike the meatheads strutting around like they are God’s gift to the world

I dislike the smell a room takes on when hundreds of people fill the air with some combination of antiperspirant and sweat

I dislike sitting down on exercise machines knowing I have no concept of what I am doing

I dislike feeling like I totally busted myself riding an exercise bike for 30 minutes only to see I burned 148 calories

I could go on but you get the idea. However the combination of my weird work schedule and having three young kids means the gym is one of the most practical ways to ensure I get some exercise. And I do need some exercise. I really ought to drop 30 lbs. But more than just dropping some weight or gaining a little muscle tone I want to have the energy to play at full tilt with my kids for years to come. And I know right now I can’t. Not even close. So the gym it is.

I began this gym journey a few weeks ago. I have only made it in a few times so far. I tell myself I am still working up to being a fully dedicated gym goer but in truth I know I am fighting a combination of laziness and a desire to not look stupid. I have a few personal training sessions booked starting next week hopefully that will help. Until then I will stick to what I remember how to use; the cardio equipment. I found myself a signup sheet, I tossed on my headphones, and I jumped in.

When using cardio equipment my first choice is always the elliptical. I like the elliptical, I trust the elliptical. It doesn’t hurt my knees and I don’t feel like a jiggly blob like I do when I attempt to ‘run’ on a treadmill. I took full advantage of the 30 minute max time allowed on the machines. A few minutes in the sweat began to roll down me. A few more minutes and my lungs began to protest. As I neared the end of my time my toes had pins and needles. But I did it. I finished my 30 minutes of shame exercise.

After the elliptical I moved on to 30 minutes on the exercise bike that caught my eye. It wasn’t a normal bike it was an expresso exercise bike. I have to say this thing was kind of cool. Basicly it is a hybrid of a exercise bike and a video game. For 30 minutes I pedaled my bike while trying to collect power ups and conquering dragons.

I really do hope the gym sticks this time. I need it to, I want it to. So I am also trying to keep some realistic goals in mind. I spent pretty much the last 14 years putting on weight. I can’t expect to get rid of it in a few weeks or months.

Wish me luck.

My first 'selfie'. Also remember what I said about sweating, I wasn't kidding. I sweat!

My first ‘selfie’. Also remember what I said about sweating, I wasn’t kidding. I sweat!

P.S. I am not a big music person. I much prefer talk radio. But listening to the debate around the senate scandal is not conducive to a great exercise. Instead I dipped in to my nerdy, yet geekily inspiring video game music to help me along. I might do a full post about this later for for now here is one song to add to your geek workout playlist.

Gym Tracks For Gamers-Best of the Best: A Tribute To Game Music:Legend of Zelda

8 thoughts on “I Don’t Like The Gym…But I Am Going Again

  1. I have an elliptical – which I call the torture machine. It comes in handy owning a torture machine; however, it’s boring, so I started the Couch to 5k app and have been training… while on the torture machine. It does make things more interesting; however, the sweating that takes place is not lady like! Good luck to you!

  2. I’ve just recently made the personal commitment to getting active for my sake and for my son and I just wrote a post about it, myself. It’s hard, isn’t it? I dislike the gym for all of the same reasons you do, plus the added bonus of being a woman and supposedly having to look sexy while you exercise.

  3. My wife and I both joined a very upmarket gym 3 weeks ago. Of course I missed the whole first week being away on business. Still, I have made up for the lost time.

    I hate weights. I have a program created for me which includes weights and I have halved the suggested weight used on 3 of the 7 bit of equipment. I would rather do the full amount of reps than do half as many with twice the weight.

    I love the treadmill though. 8 years ago I lost 27kgs using a treadmill. Then I met my wife and she made me into a road runner. I much prefer the treadmill but I enjoyed running with her.

    Unfortunately we haven’t been together because of the kids. I’m taking a week off soon and hopefully we’ll get a session or 2 in together when the boys are at preschool.

    Keep it up Chris. I’m sure you’ll meet your goals.

    • Good for you, I hope I get to a similar point in my life too.

      As an aside in Australia do you always measure weight in kgs? In theory Canada went metric a long time ago we measure speed and distance in km but I hear most people talk about weight we still use lbs.

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