God Made You Kind Of Like Him- 1st Day Of Advent Day

Today is the first day of Advent. Each day I will post a short blog aimed at kids that will help tell God’s story from the beginning to the birth of Jesus. And each day Meghan, my wife, will make a Christmas Tree ornament that helps us to remember the day’s Advent lesson. If you want to make them along with us all you will need is some felt, some glue, and some ribbon.I hope you will join us each day this Advent.

God created. He created stars, and black flies, mountains and daisies, galaxies and raindrops. God created, and he said it was good. It is so easy for us to get stuck on wondering ‘how’ God created that we miss so much. Sometimes we miss God saying that he wants to create people in his image. That means he created us, you and me to be kind of like him. I think that is really neat.

You know there is one thing you do every day that shows that God made you to be sort of like him, you play. When you drive your cars, play tea with your stuffies, save the world with your superheros, build with your blocks, or just tell silly stories you are kind of creating. You are imaging games to play, and making your toys spring to life. That is one of the ways you are kind of like God.

Another really important way that you are kind of like God is that you love people. When God made people he loved them, and he wanted them to love him back. Every time you tell your family or your friends that you love them and every time you make new friends you are acting kind of like God.

Today on this first day of Advent we remember that God made everything, and he made us to be kind of like him.

Jesse Tree 1

10 thoughts on “God Made You Kind Of Like Him- 1st Day Of Advent Day

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  3. Thanks! I have never really been exposed to Advent in my life. To be honest, I thought it was a Catholic tradition. This year, I have come across many different people writing about Advent and I am soaking it up. As I said, I don’t have a lot of context so the more I come across, the better!

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