A Pretty Jacket- 9th Day Of Advent

Today is the ninth day of Advent. Each day I will post a short blog aimed at kids that will help tell God’s story from the beginning to the birth of Jesus. And each day Meghan, my wife, will make a Christmas Tree ornament that helps us to remember the day’s Advent lesson. If you want to make them along with us all you will need is some felt, some glue, and some ribbon.I hope you will join us each day this Advent.You can catch up on any post you may have missed by clicking here.

Have you ever had a bad day that just keeps getting worse? The kind of day that makes you wonder why you even got out of bed? I know I have. But have you ever had a day that seemed like it was going bad, until all of a sudden everything turned out really good? Joseph’s story is kind of like that.

Joseph is one of Jacob’s 12 sons. Jacob does something that no parent should ever do, he picked a favorite son. His favorite was Joseph. Because Joseph was his favorite Jacob gave him a beautiful long bright coat, which made his brothers very jealous. Things got worse from there. One day Joseph’s brothers pushed him into a big hole, then sold him to people going to Egypt. Soon after that Joseph was accused of doing something very bad. Even though he didn’t do anything wrong he was still sent to jail and left there for a long long long time.

Eventually the King of Egypt needed Joseph’s help. The King was having a bad dream and he didn’t know what it meant. God helped Joseph tell the King that his dream meant for seven years Egypt would have a lot of food, but after that for another seven years they would have no food. The only way for the country to survive was to start preparing right away. The King was so impressed that he put Joseph in charge of everything.

During the famine Joseph reunited with his brothers, and forgave them. He told his brothers that even though they were trying to hurt him God made sure something good happened. It is funny to think if Joseph hadn’t been pushed down a hole, sold to Egypt, and tossed in jail the King may never have found out what his dream meant.

Today on the ninth day of Advent we remember that God can turn bad things into good things.

Jesse Tree 9

2 thoughts on “A Pretty Jacket- 9th Day Of Advent

    • Yeah this is the normal lesson taken from the narrative of Joseph, it is helpful that the lesson is pretty well driven home when Joseph says, ‘you intended this for harm but God intended it for good’.

      I am really glad you are taking this journey through Advent with me and others.

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