Freestyle Fridays: “My First Yoga Class”

I had the opportunity to take part in Kerry’s ‘Freestyle Fridays’ on well Friday. I wrote about my first attempt at yoga. I am fairly sure I will have a second attempt this week coming.

Winding Road

Today’s guest post is from Christopher at modern man of the cloth. You really should check out his blog,  he offers a funny and wise perspective on life and Christianity from a pastor’s point of view.

I decided to try yoga. I had been kicking it around in my mind for a little while unsure whether I would or not actually go to a class. I wondered if it would be odd for a 31-year-old male, pastor, dad to attend a yoga class. Each of these categories seemed to suggest I ought to consider staying home.

But still there was a tug in the yoga direction.  First, I know a number of people who do yoga and seem to enjoy it. Second, I was interested in connecting with some new people who were interested in spirituality and a yoga class seemed like a good place to find them. And…

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