What To Get Your Geeky Husband For Valentine’s Day

Today the calendar turned to February. Which means everybodys favorite Hallmark holiday is right around the corner. Valentine’s Day is hardly my favorite celebration but each year it rears its red and pink head and demands to be followed. So often half heartedly I oblige.

But I have been thinking about Valentine’s Day and I realized something. Valentine’s Day is easier for husbands buying for their wives than the other way around. I know what is typically expected from me, a nice card, cute stuffed animals, flowers, candy, romantic comedies and jewelry. All of the advertising and store fronts make it clear. But what about the wives that wish to lavish a gift on their husbands? Where do they shop, what do they buy? Worse still what if your husband is a little (or a lot) on the geeky said? What is a girl to do?

Don’t worry I am here to help. Here is your gift buying guide for your geeky husband on Valentine’s Day;

A Card-

Now I don’t mean the typically sappy card that is read once then discarded. Who really wants that? No what I mean is a good card, a useful card, a practical card, a rare card. So your husband likes Magic cards or Pokemon cards or something else similar. Why not surprise him with a rare game winning card. I know what you are thinking, he already has like a 1000+ cards. But trust me, no matter how many he owns there are more out there that is doesn’t.


Starting young

A Stuffed Toy-

Do you know the story behind the teddy bear? Apparently while hunting Theodore Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear cub. That story caught on an the teddy bear was born. Us geeks have our own stories of togetherness that touch our very souls. Perhaps none is so moving as our faithful companion in Portal the aptly named Companion Cube

I like Amazon's Product Description-  '6 inches on all sides, much like you'd expect from a cube'

I like Amazon’s Product Description- ‘6 inches on all sides, much like you’d expect from a cube’


To be honest I am not much for flowers. All they do is smell up the place and die. I guess they are kind of pretty, but that doesn’t cut it for me. Thankfully ThinkGeek came up with a better way. They are selling an 8-Bit Flower Bouquet. This lovely arrangement will bring that dash of much needed colour to your husband’s man cave.


Romantic Media-

I think us geeks have produced some pretty moving love stories the likes of which I think can stand up against almost any Rom-Com film out there. One of the most moving love stories in any video game I have ever played is found in Final Fantasy X and X-2. And hey guess what? Sony is doing up a HD remake. It won’t be out until March 18th but in the world of geeks and games, pre-orders count as gifts.


Candy– Chocolates are fine but if you really want to win some points head over to your local candy shop and pick up some geeky themed candy, and no I don’t mean ‘Nerds’. I mean bacon flavored candy, energy gummy bears, and Monty Python’s Wafer Thin Mints. In Halifax we have a great store called ‘Freak Lunch Box’ and they have some pretty amazing treats. Hopefully where you live there is something similar.


Jewelry- Nothing says style like a nice piece of geek jewelry. Again ThinkGeek has a great selection. I am rather partial to my Doctor Who pocket watch.



I don’t mean sex for Valentine’s Day, though don’t let me stop you from doing that too. I mean give help with the process of initiating sex. As geeks we are known for a lot. Being smart, good with computers, compulsive, and lots of other things. Do you know one thing we are not known for? Being experts in the art of seduction. The fact that we managed to marry hasn’t changed that. So I suggest giving a dish and some beads. The way this works is for every bead you give your husband you are promising sex within 24 hours. Your husband places the bead in a dish by the bed and you respond within 24 hours. This way your husband won’t feel rejected when they try to initiate sex at a time you don’t feel like having it, and you have a day to get in the mental mood.


Bonus- Information

As a bonus one of the best gifts you can give is information. My lovely wife knows that if she doesn’t drop a pretty strong hint as to what she wanted for Valentine’s Day she will end up with flowers and candy from the grocery store. So she sent me a helpful e-mail the other day. Did you know David’s Tea has a Valentines selection? I didn’t until now.

davids tea

Happy shopping, and enjoy Valentine’s Day

5 thoughts on “What To Get Your Geeky Husband For Valentine’s Day

  1. Candy – there is mario 3D candies that have great texture and taste. yes, most candy tastes the same but I eat enough to know the good stuff. (Also, Sugar Shok on portland in Dartmouth is also local).

    My bf bought me a Pandora bracelet last year for valentines day. Then more charms for my birthday, then more charms for Christmas… it is really the best investment for a guy to give a girl. You basically don’t have to think about any gift from that point on….

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