Excuses Not To Go To The Gym According To The Time Of Day

The gym I belong to is open from 5am-10:30pm.That leaves plenty of opportunity to get in an hours workout. But sometimes I just don’t want to go and workout, but I don’t really have any good reason to avoid it. It is times like these that it takes creativity to avoid all of those chances to go to the gym. But the same excuse hardly works at all hours. They need to be precisely tuned to the time of day otherwise I will recognize my self deception and see the laziness that has taken hold of me. These are the lies I so skillfully tell myself on my lazy days,

5:00 am- I’d go but one of the kids woke me up in the middle of the night

6:00 am- zzzzzz

6:30 am- Well it’s too late now time to start getting everyone/everything ready for the day.

8:30 am- I just got to work, I haven’t even had my coffee yet.

9:30 am- I haven’t really done enough work to justify heading out yet.

10:00 am- Man was I just on Facebook for the last 30 minutes? I really need to work now.

11:00 am- Too close to lunch.

12:00 pm- Time to make lunch

12:30 pm- Time to eat it, I mean I could have gone to the gym if I picked up something fast but that would have been counter productive.

1:00 pm- Aren’t you supposed to wait a half an hour after eating before exercise?

1:30 pm- Work is in high gear now.

3:00 pm- It’s almost time to start picking up everyone.

3:30 pm- Collecting my family.

4:30 pm-I have to start making dinner for everyone.

5:00 pm- I mean now I have to start making dinner.

6:00 pm- Dinner time!

7:00 pm- Time to get the kids into bed.

7:30 pm- I better clean up a little, and make sure the kids stay in bed.

8:00 pm- I can’t go now, this is when all the super fit, super attractive young people are there.

8:30 pm- I am only half way through a show on Netflix, I’ll go once it is done.

9:00 pm- It was a cliffhanger I’ll just finish this other one, that will still leave me enough time for a quick workout.

9:30 pm- Will I guess I should get up and go; I just to have change my clothes, find my shoes, my hat, my headphones, fill my water bottle, go to the bathroom, and figure out where I left the car keys and my gym pass.

10:00 pm- That took way longer than I thought it would. The gym is basically closed, I mean by the time I got there it would be time to go home.

10:30 pm- There is always tomorrow. I will make up for it by getting up and going for 5:00 am.

In truth most weeks I make it to the gym 3-4 times a week which is my goal. But boy some days are sure harder than others. Good luck gaining better health.


A nice gym selfie sporting a Legend of Zelda t-shirt

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