House Hunting Is No Fun

Today is the day the first three houses we put offers on should have closed. You read that right, the first three.

The first house is the one that got away. It was beautiful, close to work for both Meghan and me, and we could afford it. Three other bidders felt the same way and we lost in a bidding war.

The second house was nice but according to our real estate agent over listed by almost $15,000 we tried to negotiate the price, they held firm, we walked.

The third house had an interesting design. There seemed like so much potential to add value, and it was at a bargain price. Then we did the inspection and we found an issue with the heating and plumbing system that almost pushed the house into uninsurable territory. After three weeks of negotiating both us and the seller reached an impasse, so we walked away from each other.

Instead of spending the last month packing and picking out paint colours I have been spending almost every waking moment hoping, wishing and waiting for our house to appear. While I have been sitting here writing this blog I have already corresponded four times with part of our reality team, called about a house, and checked listings twice ten times.

Currently we are in the middle of our fourth offer. We are on the edge about this one. The price we have agreed on is a bit higher than we wanted too. We agreed to it because they recently installed a new heat pump and we thought we would make up the difference in utility bill savings. But so far the information I have seen makes it seem like they are paying more for heating and power than we are. In a few hours I am either going to drop off a deposit cheque or withdraw the offer depending on the three reports I am waiting on.

As the title says, despite the excellent efforts of our realtor, lawyer, and mortgage broker house hunting so far has been no fun! Here are my top four reasons why house hunting is no fun;

1. My Entire Being Is Consumed With House Hunting

Did you know that Asher is starting to learn to walk? Or that Ariella is finally night trained and going to bed in ‘big girl’ underwear? Did you know that finally after three years of asking Meghan talked me into letting Ariella get her ears pierced? Or how about the fact that Simeon and I have decided to try out Taekwondo together. No? That is because I have lost myself to house hunting. I seem to be unable to do anything with my free time except scan for properties. This is killing me because beyond tales of my family I have so much to say! I have a really neat product sitting on my bedside end table begging to be reviewed and given away, there is a great community event coming up that I had planned on promoting. Heck I even managed to miss posting about Easter during my Holy Week blog posts, way to go pastor Christopher.

2. It Has Been Hard On My Get Healthier Plan 

I stress eat. We have been trying to avoid eating fast food at all and we have cut out buying snacks like bags of chips. But everyday this hunt lingers on I have been wanting to bury my disappointment at the bottom of a large fry and bag of salt and vinegar chips.

3. I Dislike Negotiating

I am constantly trying to convince someone that the home they have cared for is actually a piece of crap that I am still willing to take off their hands if they’d give me the right deal. This makes me feel mean, and cheap.

4. I Am Looking At My Things With Disdain

I love my bedroom set. And I really do like the very cool bunk bed we built for Simeon and Ariella. But these are not small things. Trying to find bedrooms the right size and shape for them to fit in has made me begin to look at these items with disdain.

I am sure our house is out there, the one we love, fit into and can afford. I am just getting tired of looking.


13 thoughts on “House Hunting Is No Fun

  1. House hunting SUCKS. It is so stressful. I’m sorry you guys are going through it. It was exactly a year ago that we put in our first offer that we eventually withdrew. I remember those feelings.

    I am also still on the post-househunting/post-moving weight loss trek. I gained so much weight from all of that stress eating (but I don’t care. Sometimes you need to do what you need to do to get through).

  2. Oh Christopher I feel for you, too. It’s coming time for us to leave our adorable condo in our perfect (for us) neighbourhood. We haven’t begun to be too serious about the hunt yet, as our place isn’t ready to list. So I’m still in the “” stage. Andy and I are also confused as to what we really want. Could we ever swing it on one income? Lots of space far from the city or keep up our city life? Ahhhh I guess we will hold out for the perfect “our house”. Luckily we aren’t in a big rush. We are doing okay as we are, but would love to be doing better.

    I wish you mountains of luck. I hope it’s smooth from here on out.

    • We are coming at buying our first place kind of late in our family size. We have the money for a starter house, but a family that needs more space. We are trying to find that sweet spot between size, affordability, and work that needs to be done. It is challenging.

  3. I feel for you. I had to play the “your house is way overpriced and x, y, z needs to be replaced” card last year when buying our home. I won and felt a little guilty because the house was being sold due to divorce but it did (and still does) need work done to it so I don’t feel that bad. Chin up, sending lots of prayers your way!

    • That has been our struggle as well. There have been a few houses we’ve looked at that are clearly divorce sales. I have to keep reminding myself that I am not buying a house to be charitable.

  4. House hunting is one of those things that sound so glamorous and fun at the get go….and for awhile it is. However, it gets old and stressful real quick. The right house for you, Meghan and the kids is waiting for you to discover it. It will be do worth the wait and stress when you find it. I’m so excited for you all, and can’t wait to see what that right house is! 😉

  5. I’ve never bought a house and have a few years until I do. Tv makes house hunting look so easy! But it is one of the most stressful events in a persons life. Hopefully you will find the perfect house and look back and say “it was all worth it”.

  6. I am so sorry it is so stressful.. and yet, I find myself *wishing* for the same problem. 😉

    One man’s treasure and all that jazz..

    Good luck! I hope you find the perfect place soon!

    Also, just keep moving everyday and the chiptonite won’t hold you forever in its fatty, salty, carby grips.

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