Good News Sackville- Nurse Me Tender

My wife struggled with breastfeeding our first child. It was sad to watch and I can only imagine an even worse thing to experience. She was able to get through the initial pain as she and Simeon learned what they both needed to do. Thankfully after a few weeks things smoothed out, the pain mostly subsided and she was never short on milk.

This is not the experience that everyone gets. Some have an easier time, some have a much harder time, and some find breastfeeding impossible. Because things went well with Simeon he was exclusively breastfeed. The same cannot be said for our other two children. Roughly six months after Ariella was born, and then two years later roughly six months after Asher was born Meghan went to work. Meaning they needed to learn how to use a bottle.

Ariella was a tough nut to crack but after a little more than a week she figured it out fairly well. It was a stressful week for sure but we got through it. Asher on the other hand he fought the bottle tooth and nail for the better part of a month. Needless to say there were days that I was pretty frustrated.

When I was battling Asher I found myself sitting in a rocking chair trying to get him into a position that was as close to breastfeeding as I could do while I was fumbling with a bottle in my hand. We both knew what he wanted, I just didn’t have a way to give it to him.

This is why the product created by local entrepreneur Christa Anderson from Nurse Me Tender has really caught my eye. She has developed a real bottle feeding system that mimics breastfeeding as closely as possible. Before I go on I should say this product has not only caught my eye. Nurse Me Tender competed for and won funding from the Dragon’s Den.

nurse me tender col

Images lovingly stolen from Nurse Me Tender’s Facebook page

As I review the product there is a lot that I love. I love that Christa wants to support mothers that want to breastfeed but cannot for whatever reason. I love that she has designed a bottle so the families that want to include the bottle along with the breast experience less bottle confusion. I love that her vision doesn’t only include mothers but fathers as well. She wants dads to be able to experience something like breastfeeding. I love that these holsters are all handmade locally.

But the question isn’t do I love the product in concept but would I use it myself. All of my children are past the point that using this type of bottle would be helpful. But as I think back to those very frustrating Friday’s at home with Asher knowing that we tried as many options that we knew of at the time I am confident I would have given this a try.  And why not? Why wouldn’t I try to make giving my son a bottle as natural of a process as possible?

I think this local entrepreneur who is trying to help struggling mothers and fathers to feed their babies is good news for sure. What makes it even better is I have a starter kit to give away. So if you would like a chance to try out this impressive product click on the image below and follow the instructions. Please note that the contest is open to HRM residents only.


Nurse Me Tender Give Away

Click on this picture to enter the draw for this 3-6 month starter kit.


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