Let It Go Already

At the moment I have Friday’s off with Asher. Lately they have tended to be the time we go out grocery shopping. I enjoy grocery shopping with my kids. I find when they are sitting in the cart we tend to talk more than we would if we were just kicking around home. Plus everyone I see flash nice smiles my way because I am out with the kids.

I know, I know it is a little condescending getting all the ‘good for you’ nods and smiles from people. But I think they are given from a positive place so I choose to receive them positively. And really who can avoid smiling at this fella;

Asher Shopping

If you are wondering the dirt on his face is the chocolate chip cookie he just finished eating. Sobey’s gives them out for free to kids. I am always surprised when I met parents that don’t know that.


As Asher and I finished up our most recent shopping trip and we started to head toward the check out my eyes locked on yet another Elsa, Anna, and Olaf display.

This is what we saw;

Let It GoFirst off we really like Frozen in our house. I have long lost count on the amount of times I have watched the movie, and I have no idea how many Frozen products are in our house. But I am going to go on record here and say this is just plain lazy.

Disney you have made billions of dollars on Frozen. Heck you made billions of dollars on the movie alone. I can’t even fathom how much money you have made in merchandise. But come on now this is too much.

Frosted Cheerios are already a thing. You haven’t done anything here other than change the package. And your soft baked Olaf cookies looks like something I should see on a ‘pin-fail’ website.

Now I am not above buy specialty products to make my kids happy. My parents bought me every Ninja Turtle, Transformer or Spider-man themed snack that was ever produced. And I am willing to return the favor to my kids so long as the product puts in the effort.

Disney, General Mills and Betty Crocker, this is a cash grab and you know it. It would not have taken a lot on your part to make the Cheerios look like snow flakes, or to make a cookie that actually looked like Olaf instead of three cookies you just smooched together by mistake .

You didn’t get me to let go of my money, and you need to let go of this lazy marketing.

But What Do You Think?

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