Spirited Conversations

I have been, sort of sitting on some news that I find very exciting. Starting around May 17th I am going to be a radio show host!

A face made for radio

Man I really thought I was having a nicer hair day until I saw this picture.

I have been a pretty big fan of talk radio for the better part of 10 years now, so this feels like a dream come true. If you live in the Halifax are you may have noticed that there is a new community radio station broadcasting from Lower Sackville. If you have not bumped into the station yet it is 97.5 FM.

The station will have a diverse mix of music and spoken word programs. The focus will be on local communities and local interests.  I have been invited to host a radio show that focuses on the very board topic of faith and spirituality.

The show will be called ‘Spirited Conversations‘ and it will be divided up into three segments.

Part One- Interviewing a person or group of people about what they do and how it connects with the concepts of faith and spirituality. For example I am looking forward to a conversation with Steve Vernon, a local author who has written among many other things, Uncle Bob’s Red Flannel Bible Camp

Part Two- This is a chance to highlight the work that local faith groups are doing in their communities and around the world. This might be a church, a charity, a synagogue, a mosque, and so on. Any group of people who are organized around the broad concepts of faith or belief. For example I am looking forward to a conversation in the near future with the charity Chalice.

Part Three- We will have a panel discussion about all of the local, national and international news of a religious nature that has bubbled up over the past week. For example a lot of people here in Halifax and all over Canada have been talking about whether it is appropriate or not to have prayer at city hall.   

But I want to do more than just share this news with you. I am hoping to find people who are interested participating in the show. Right now I have a short list of authors, politicians, bloggers, ministers, yoga instructors, scientists, doctors, professors, artists, free thought group leaders, business owners and people who run charities lined up as possible guests in the near future.  

If you think you might interested in taking part in this show at any time, in any of three segments please contact me. Also If you know of anyone who might be interested in participating in this show would you consider sending them this blog and send their contact information my way.

If you think you might be interested, but you’re not sure if you fit into what I have said contact me anyway. Almost everyone I have signed up so far didn’t think they were what I was looking for until we talked for a few minutes.

We all have stories of belief or disbelief to share, I can’t wait to hear yours.

Spirited Conversations

5 thoughts on “Spirited Conversations

    • Thank you I really appreciate that. Being community radio everything is pretty hands on. At this point I am learning how to run the recording equipment, book the guests and edit the interviews. Also I am going to help sell advertising space. I’ve got a lot to learn.

      Any tips would be very welcomed.

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