Holy Week- Palm Sunday

I get why Jesus rode in on a donkey. I understand that the kings of Jerusalem road in on donkeys in peace times and in on horses in times of war. So I get that Jesus is declaring both his kingship, and that he is coming in peace. I also understand that the Messiah riding on a donkey was a long standing prophecy. God had declared centuries before hand through Zechariah that this was the way the Messiah, the king of Israel would present himself.

So I get the donkey. I understand why it happened, and what Jesus was saying to the crowd. What I don’t get is the donkey’s owner.

How did the owner know to give it to Jesus? Was he an unknown and unnamed believer? Was it hard to part with his piece of property at a moments notice? Did the owner expect it the donkey?

I doubt I will ever know the answer to these questions no matter how hard I try.

But there is another question that this story causes me to ask; am I ready to give up something that I own if I felt God was asking me for it?

As I look around my house there are lots of things I own that I feel I need. Likewise there are lots of things that I really treasure. I love my games and gadgets. But what if I felt God saying, ‘Christopher these are too much of a distraction in your life, give them up.’ I love spending time working away on my blog. But what if I felt God saying, ‘Christopher the time you spend on your blog and social media is a source a jealousy and pride in your life,I need you to give them up.’ Or worse still what if for no apparent reason God ask me to give up coffee?!

Could I really part with things I own, hobbies I enjoy? What if the stakes were higher? What if I felt God calling us to move away from our friends and family? Or what if I felt God saying that the savings we have have set aside needs to be given away? Would I really be as quick to give what I have to God as this man was I know the answer needs to be yes, otherwise I have discovered an idol tucked away in my life.

This is the question I am reflecting on today. Is there anything in my life that is I am keeping off limits to God? I would encourage you to reflect on this as well.

Are you ready to give up your ‘donkey’ at a moments notice?



***Please note dividing events into individual days during Holy Week is up for interpretation. I am using a time line providing by Bible Gateway.***

2 thoughts on “Holy Week- Palm Sunday

  1. I’ve wondered this as well. (Well, not about the donkey, but that is a good point). I wonder if I’m ever still enough to really hear His voice. I do pray every day to keep my heart and mind open to His will; however, will I know it? Will I hear Him? How do I know?

    So, I just keep going forward to the best of my abilities and pray He never asks me to give up coffee!

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