Spirited Conversations

I have been, sort of sitting on some news that I find very exciting. Starting around May 17th I am going to be a radio show host!

A face made for radio

Man I really thought I was having a nicer hair day until I saw this picture.

I have been a pretty big fan of talk radio for the better part of 10 years now, so this feels like a dream come true. If you live in the Halifax are you may have noticed that there is a new community radio station broadcasting from Lower Sackville. If you have not bumped into the station yet it is 97.5 FM.

The station will have a diverse mix of music and spoken word programs. The focus will be on local communities and local interests.  I have been invited to host a radio show that focuses on the very board topic of faith and spirituality.

The show will be called ‘Spirited Conversations‘ and it will be divided up into three segments.

Part One- Interviewing a person or group of people about what they do and how it connects with the concepts of faith and spirituality. For example I am looking forward to a conversation with Steve Vernon, a local author who has written among many other things, Uncle Bob’s Red Flannel Bible Camp

Part Two- This is a chance to highlight the work that local faith groups are doing in their communities and around the world. This might be a church, a charity, a synagogue, a mosque, and so on. Any group of people who are organized around the broad concepts of faith or belief. For example I am looking forward to a conversation in the near future with the charity Chalice.

Part Three- We will have a panel discussion about all of the local, national and international news of a religious nature that has bubbled up over the past week. For example a lot of people here in Halifax and all over Canada have been talking about whether it is appropriate or not to have prayer at city hall.   

But I want to do more than just share this news with you. I am hoping to find people who are interested participating in the show. Right now I have a short list of authors, politicians, bloggers, ministers, yoga instructors, scientists, doctors, professors, artists, free thought group leaders, business owners and people who run charities lined up as possible guests in the near future.  

If you think you might interested in taking part in this show at any time, in any of three segments please contact me. Also If you know of anyone who might be interested in participating in this show would you consider sending them this blog and send their contact information my way.

If you think you might be interested, but you’re not sure if you fit into what I have said contact me anyway. Almost everyone I have signed up so far didn’t think they were what I was looking for until we talked for a few minutes.

We all have stories of belief or disbelief to share, I can’t wait to hear yours.

Spirited Conversations

Good News Sackville- Nurse Me Tender

My wife struggled with breastfeeding our first child. It was sad to watch and I can only imagine an even worse thing to experience. She was able to get through the initial pain as she and Simeon learned what they both needed to do. Thankfully after a few weeks things smoothed out, the pain mostly subsided and she was never short on milk.

This is not the experience that everyone gets. Some have an easier time, some have a much harder time, and some find breastfeeding impossible. Because things went well with Simeon he was exclusively breastfeed. The same cannot be said for our other two children. Roughly six months after Ariella was born, and then two years later roughly six months after Asher was born Meghan went to work. Meaning they needed to learn how to use a bottle.

Ariella was a tough nut to crack but after a little more than a week she figured it out fairly well. It was a stressful week for sure but we got through it. Asher on the other hand he fought the bottle tooth and nail for the better part of a month. Needless to say there were days that I was pretty frustrated.

When I was battling Asher I found myself sitting in a rocking chair trying to get him into a position that was as close to breastfeeding as I could do while I was fumbling with a bottle in my hand. We both knew what he wanted, I just didn’t have a way to give it to him.

This is why the product created by local entrepreneur Christa Anderson from Nurse Me Tender has really caught my eye. She has developed a real bottle feeding system that mimics breastfeeding as closely as possible. Before I go on I should say this product has not only caught my eye. Nurse Me Tender competed for and won funding from the Dragon’s Den.

nurse me tender col

Images lovingly stolen from Nurse Me Tender’s Facebook page

As I review the product there is a lot that I love. I love that Christa wants to support mothers that want to breastfeed but cannot for whatever reason. I love that she has designed a bottle so the families that want to include the bottle along with the breast experience less bottle confusion. I love that her vision doesn’t only include mothers but fathers as well. She wants dads to be able to experience something like breastfeeding. I love that these holsters are all handmade locally.

But the question isn’t do I love the product in concept but would I use it myself. All of my children are past the point that using this type of bottle would be helpful. But as I think back to those very frustrating Friday’s at home with Asher knowing that we tried as many options that we knew of at the time I am confident I would have given this a try.  And why not? Why wouldn’t I try to make giving my son a bottle as natural of a process as possible?

I think this local entrepreneur who is trying to help struggling mothers and fathers to feed their babies is good news for sure. What makes it even better is I have a starter kit to give away. So if you would like a chance to try out this impressive product click on the image below and follow the instructions. Please note that the contest is open to HRM residents only.


Nurse Me Tender Give Away

Click on this picture to enter the draw for this 3-6 month starter kit.


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Good News Sackville- Winter Carnival 2015, What Do You Think?

I have been a bit slack in promoting #GoodNewsSackville of late but this gem is just too good to not to share. Anyone who grew up here in Sackville during the 70’s and 80’s will likely remember the massive winter carnival that we used to throw. If you are feeling a little foggy on the whole thing maybe these photos will help jog your memory.

Dinosaurs on Ice! Who Wouldn't Like That?

Dinosaurs on Ice! Who Wouldn’t Like That?

And Now You Know Why Humpty Dumpty Had A Great All, He Was Pushed By A Giant Reptile.

And Now You Know Why Humpty Dumpty Had A Great All, He Was Pushed By A Giant Reptile.

This event was so much fun. I don’t think I have talked with anyone that remembers it that didn’t mourn its loss and wish for its return.

On Tuesday afternoon its return, or perhaps it would be better to say its reboot was gleefully discussed at a meeting hosted by the Sackville Business Association. Sitting around the table were representatives of various groups in Sackville. Some businesses, some service clubs, some representatives from the HRM, some churches (like yours truly) and we all agreed, it is high time that Sackville see a new Winter Carnival.


I Bet You Didn’t Know The Yellow Brick Road Went Through Sackville.

Now seems like a great time to begin. February 2015 will have a brand new (to our province) family oriented long weekend. A weekend that has no standing events or traditions one that people are not already used to traveling away for,or normally engaged in other events. This gives us a year to ramp up and plan out Sackville Winter Carnival 2015!

WinterCarnival4Everyone on Tuesday agreed so much has changed since the last time Sackville hosted this event. The town has grown incredibly. That tight knit community feeling is a little harder to come by. So it would be impossible to replicate the old carnival completely. But that doesn’t mean we can’t create a wonderful community event for the entire family. With so many people ready to come to the table to make it happen I am positive it will be a great one for sure.


Thank you Yvette d’Entremont of The Chronicle Herald’s Community Newspapers for sharing these photos with me.

What do you think all you Sackvillians out there? Are you ready for a new winter carnival in 2015? If so what do you want to see happen? What events do you want to attend? And what do you remember most fondly from previous carnivals? If there was one thing that you could bring back what would it be? I am meeting with the group hoping to pull this off again in a few weeks and I would love to come armed with suggestions and memories!

Also do you have any old photo’s of winter carnivals gone by? Why not send them along I would be happy to share those too.