Good News Sackville- Tidal Impact

As a rule I don’t want to make ‘Good News Sackville‘ about the things that I do or Sackville Baptist does around the community. That feels a little too ‘braggy’ for me. But the Tidal Impact team has so blown me away that I just have to say something. These teens took a week out of their summer to do good work in Sackville NS. And they did amazing work. While numbers don’t tell the whole story here are some numbers to reflection on. During Tidal Impact we;

  • Picked up 12 bags of garbage from around First Lake
  • Picked up 2 full black garbage bags of dog poop out of a baseball field
  • Removed 60 black garbage bags of lake grass from First Lake
  • Pulled 20+ wheelbarrows of weeds out of the gardens behind Acadia Hall
  • Covered 1 hill in fresh mulch
  • Taught 12 children that they are dearly loved
  • Sang 10 songs to 20 wonderful seniors to brighten their day
  • Filled 2 pick up trucks to the brim with food for Beacon House

Good News Sackville Tidal ImpactThis is only a taste of what we did during the week. We also dug deep into our very souls at rallies and other devotional times. We took time every day to reflected on what it means to really love our neighbours as we follow Jesus. When Christians decided to really get out there into the community to bless it, to love it, and to make it better that is good news.


Good News Sackville- Nu Cafe

A few months ago I was talking with some friends and we all agreed the thing that was missing from Sackville was a place to grab a really good cup of coffee. Now don’t get me wrong I am no coffee snob, I like drive-thru coffee as much as the next guy but sometimes I want something better.

A few days later as I was driving along Sackville Drive I saw this;

That Was Fast

That Was Fast

This all happened in April and I have been looking forward ever since to tell you all about Nu Cafe!

After a number of years staying home with her children Cellie Chisholm decided that she wanted to go back to work. Instead of finding a job this mompreneur decided to open her own business. And am I ever glad she did!

The coffee they brew there is second to none and the fresh pastries are simply to die for. I have now had the lemon poppy seed muffin, the cinnamon rolls, and the raisin tarts. Along with the great food I have been so impressed with the friendly service, and the ambiance inside the cafe. Of course I am also glad they offer with free WiFi which means I have finally found my new off site office.

Nu Cafe features an assortment of coffee, tea, espresso, soups, salads, sandwiches, smoothies and they have just recently added ice cream to the menu. PWith a selection like that they easily have something for the entire family at any point of the day. Having such a wonderful new cafe, the Nu Cafe in Sackville is good news for sure.

The only problem I had with everything being so good was trying to figure out what in particular to recommend.Thankfully Cellie has come to my rescue there. She has given me a wonderful prize to give to one of you; ice cream and drinks for four. Perfect for a family outing or a double date!

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Nu Cafe 2

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Good News Sackville- SugaRush

One of the things I remember about growing up here in Lower Sackville is the candy store attached to the IGA. Both now are long gone. Yet I still remember with great joy heading into a store that was wall to wall treats. Wided eyed I would look around wondering what would I buy with my reward money for being a good boy while my parents grocery shopped.

I must admit I have been a little sad that I haven’t been able to give my children that same wide eyed experience. I think every kid needs to visit a candy store from time to time. After all the long used simile ‘like a kid in a candy store’ reminds us just how much fun, excitement, and joy this trip can bring.

Apparently Haley the manager of the family owned SugaRush knew of my plight and decided that Sackville needed a candy story again. Simeon deeply agreed.

Can't smile, too much candy to eat

Can’t smile, too much candy to eat

When I took Simeon into SugaRush his eyes widened with great amazement. Everywhere he looked there were treats and toys. I told him he could pick out one thing for himself, one thing for Ariella, and two things to share. Well it didn’t take him long to start zipping around the store looking at all the brightly coloured boxes and treats.

While Simeon was having his first ‘kid in a candy store’ experience I was having my first ‘dad with a kid in a candy store’ experience. Admittedly I was becoming a little anxious as he grabbed at boxes, and tried to sample some of the bulk candies. But the staff were so kind, so understanding and so welcoming.

They knew what it meant for a kid to be a kid in a candy store, and what it meant to be a parent with a kid in a candy store. The clerks chuckled with me as I tried to fix the boxes Simeon knocked over, and they chatted with my very excited son as he scoured the whole store for the best treat to pick out for his sister. The candy selection won my son’s loyalty their great customer service won over mine. Having such a wonderful new candy store here in Sackville that I can take my children to is without a doubt good news,


My Brother Got Me A Yummy Treat!

Simeon could barely wait to get home to tear into his treat, and give Ariella hers. Candy really is best shared. Which is why I am pleased to say that SugaRush has given me a basket filled with delicious treats to share.

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Gift basket

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