Excuses Not To Go To The Gym According To The Time Of Day

The gym I belong to is open from 5am-10:30pm.That leaves plenty of opportunity to get in an hours workout. But sometimes I just don’t want to go and workout, but I don’t really have any good reason to avoid it. It is times like these that it takes creativity to avoid all of those chances to go to the gym. But the same excuse hardly works at all hours. They need to be precisely tuned to the time of day otherwise I will recognize my self deception and see the laziness that has taken hold of me. These are the lies I so skillfully tell myself on my lazy days,

5:00 am- I’d go but one of the kids woke me up in the middle of the night

6:00 am- zzzzzz

6:30 am- Well it’s too late now time to start getting everyone/everything ready for the day.

8:30 am- I just got to work, I haven’t even had my coffee yet.

9:30 am- I haven’t really done enough work to justify heading out yet.

10:00 am- Man was I just on Facebook for the last 30 minutes? I really need to work now.

11:00 am- Too close to lunch.

12:00 pm- Time to make lunch

12:30 pm- Time to eat it, I mean I could have gone to the gym if I picked up something fast but that would have been counter productive.

1:00 pm- Aren’t you supposed to wait a half an hour after eating before exercise?

1:30 pm- Work is in high gear now.

3:00 pm- It’s almost time to start picking up everyone.

3:30 pm- Collecting my family.

4:30 pm-I have to start making dinner for everyone.

5:00 pm- I mean now I have to start making dinner.

6:00 pm- Dinner time!

7:00 pm- Time to get the kids into bed.

7:30 pm- I better clean up a little, and make sure the kids stay in bed.

8:00 pm- I can’t go now, this is when all the super fit, super attractive young people are there.

8:30 pm- I am only half way through a show on Netflix, I’ll go once it is done.

9:00 pm- It was a cliffhanger I’ll just finish this other one, that will still leave me enough time for a quick workout.

9:30 pm- Will I guess I should get up and go; I just to have change my clothes, find my shoes, my hat, my headphones, fill my water bottle, go to the bathroom, and figure out where I left the car keys and my gym pass.

10:00 pm- That took way longer than I thought it would. The gym is basically closed, I mean by the time I got there it would be time to go home.

10:30 pm- There is always tomorrow. I will make up for it by getting up and going for 5:00 am.

In truth most weeks I make it to the gym 3-4 times a week which is my goal. But boy some days are sure harder than others. Good luck gaining better health.


A nice gym selfie sporting a Legend of Zelda t-shirt

Let It Be Resolved

It is January 28st or about four weeks into those New Year’s resolutions.  How are you doing with them so far? Have you read those extra books, started to lose those pounds, eaten those extra veggies?

To be honest this year I didn’t make a resolution. I got a jump start on exercising and eating a little better in October. I want to believe that I did that to beat the New Year’s gym sign up rush. But in all honesty I did it because I am terrible at following through on my resolutions.

I have not kept a single New Year’s resolution ever! In fact I doubt I have kept a single resolution until the end of February.  The story for me was always the same. I would resolve to either a) Start going to the gym or b) Stop eating fast food. And for a while I would do it. I would sign up and pay my gym fees. I would brave the shame of placing my flabby body on to a treadmill and hope upon hope I wouldn’t embarrass myself. I would pack my lunch and avoid a quick burger.

But then it would happen. It was the same thing every time. With the gym it would be my first cold. I would have a bit of a cough and kind of a runny nose. I would think to myself, ‘well I can’t go to the gym now, I don’t want to spread all these germs, plus *cough cough* I can’t exercise like this I can hardly breath’.

Since we all know that man-colds last for two weeks or more my gym career would die right there in a pile of snot filled Kleenex. My fast food ban wouldn’t even last that long. All it would take would be the one day that my schedule got thrown off bam I was off the burger wagon.

But my biggest mistake with resolutions wasn’t that I failed. Of course I was going to fall out of the habit of going to the gym, and I would fall back on my old habit and pick up a quick bite in a rush. My problem was I assumed if I failed at a New Year’s resolutions I would have to wait until next year to try again.

Maybe you are like me and you have already ‘failed’ your most recent attempt at self-improvement. I want to pass along to you 3 quick pieces of advice;

  1. New Year’s Resolutions don’t have to be renewed annually. Ok so it is three weeks in and you are already smoking again, or you have only read an extra book to your kid(s) once, or the closest thing to fruit in your fridge is Jell-O. That’s ok just try again. January 1st was a new year, but January 29th is a new day. Resolutions are best lived daily.
  2. Be realistic about your goals. My problem with the gym was I wanted to see a lot of results fast. But I didn’t stop to think that I didn’t see the negative results fast either. It has taken me 11 years to go from pretty slim to blubbery. What made me think it would only take me 11 days to start to turn back?
  3. Don’t worry about giving it your all right away. Give your new goal all you have to give right now. Then as you feel more comfortable and more confident give it more and more and more, until you really are striving at your new goal with all you are worth.

January 2015 is a long way off still. Make sure you make the best of this year.

Let It Be Resolved

BTW I am holding a piece of paper because I am participating in a dietbet hosted by Laura of mommy-miracles.ca. I am trying to lose 4% of my body weight

Prayer, Meditation and a Busy Mind

I have been going to the gym now since October. Since then I have hummed and hawed over going to a fitness class, specifically a yoga class. My personal trainer suggested it would be a good way for me to gain some strength and I liked the idea of being in a class with other people. I figured it would give me the opportunity to meet more people in the community. Also I really wanted to try to blend the reflective and contemplative sides of Christianity with the health benefits of yoga.

I have committed to trying yoga out once a week until the end of the month when I will sit back down with my trainer and talk through the next leg of my exercise journey. So far I have to say my results are mixed. I am happy with most of the exercise poses, but there is one where I am lying on my back with my knees in the air and I am told to rock back and forth which makes me feel…idiotic to be blunt. For the record I am also not a big fan to turning towards people and thrusting my pelvis forward.

Never the less the first 45 minutes of the 60 minute class normally go well. The final 15 minutes are where things begin to fall apart for me. That is the time where we are supposed to enter into a quiet, prayerful, meditative state. The problem is I am lousy at entering into prayerful, quiet, meditative states.

I didn’t have the audacity to snap a ‘selfie’ of myself trying to meditate but here is a pretty good visual representation of what was happening in my mind;

Trying to mediate

Whenever I try to, as we Christian say, ‘be still and know God’ I feel like some part of my mind is lobbing random thoughts at me like dodgeballs. It is almost like I am two people. One part of me wants to be still, to pray, to meditate while another part of me just wants to chit chat about every little thing! It is like there is a Christopher that wants to meditate (CWM) and a Christopher who is easily distracted (CED). If you were to eavesdrop on my thoughts during yoga today this is roughly what you would have heard;

CWM– (Quietly reflecting on God)

CED– Oh wow, look at me meditate, I am doing good, I’m not thinking really at all. Yep I am just sitting here soaking in God’s presence. Oh wait! I am  thinking about how I’m not thinking.

CWM– Be quiet…

CED– Oh now I am thinking about thinking I’m not thinking. Oh and NOW I am thinking about thinking about thinking I’m not thinking. I think that’s right…is that too many thinks? I am not sure

CWM– Shhhhhh, quiet I said I am trying to meditate on God!

CED– Right, right, right

CWM– (Trying to reenter prayer posture, focusing on breath prayer e.g. Bless the Lord, Oh my soul)

CED– Oh did I hear that phone chime, I wonder if it’s the instructors to say we are almost done (opens eyes) Nope, nope it’s only been like 3 minutes, what is that music she is playing? It kind of reminds me of music from Final Fantasy.

CWM– Praying……Bless the Lord….

CED– HEY! I should do that! Next time I try to do this contemplative stuff I should listen to music from Final Fantasy. I wish they would make a Final Fantasy game as good as IX, and X again. Actually I wish they would make a new Mega Man game, the board game looks cool but kind of pricey, but maybe if enough people buy it

CWM– OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CHRISTOPHER! STOP ‘TALKING’! Multiple times a week you speak on behalf of God to people can’t you sit and be serene in God’s presence for 10 freaking minutes?! (Back to prayer posture)

CED– What should I have for lunch. I kind of want to pick something up, should I though? I really shouldn’t

CWM– (Glares)

CED Sorry, sorry prayer right

CWM– Bless the Lord, Oh my Soul

CED– I should probably blog about this….

CWM– Oh I give up!

I think out of the 15 minutes worth of silent time I spent 3 minutes doing something remotely akin to prayer and meditation. I guess there is always next week, right?