10 Tips To Help You Enjoy Moving Revisited

A little less than once year ago I wrote 10 Tips To Help You Enjoy Moving for my good friends Laura and Dan. Now they are just about to finish their first year of homeownership and we have just closed on our first house! To celebrate what both of our families have accomplished I thought I would revisit this old post, and edit it a little in honour of Laura and Dan.

So you are moving. Congratulations on; buying a new house, getting a new job, having a baby,finally moving out from your parents basement, finding a place that is cheaper/bigger/nicer/less drug lord infested! I am so excited for you. Well I am mostly excited for you. I am also somewhat sorry for you. Because now you have to move.

Lets face it moving sucks.  There is the packing, the lifting, the carrying, the cleaning, and the unpacking. All I can say is “bleck”!

I lived in my childhood home from age 6 to 20 so for years I was sheltered from the dread of moving. But that has ended. In the last eleven years I have moved 8 times with number 9 only weeks away. I also have helped members of my family move an additional 9 times. Each of these moves reinforced what I knew all too well, I HATE MOVING.

In that light here are

10 tips to help you enjoy your moving experience

1. Don’t Actually Move!- Oh sure you, your partner, your dog, your cat and the new twins don’t fit very well in your university studio apartment. But think of all the good times you have had there, and all of the money you will save compared to that four bedroom bungalow.

2. Try To Convince 5-10 Burly Men They Are Auditioning For A New Reality Show- You have heard of Canada’s Top Model? Well here comes the newest reality show tom sweep the nation, Canada’s Top Mover. Contestants compete to see which of them has the best packing, lugging, cleaning, and unpacking skills in Canada! What is the prize you may ask? Pride of course.

3. Don’t Label Your Boxes- Half of the fun of Christmas and birthdays is being surprised by the boxes you open. Why not transfer some of that holiday joy to your move?

New Homeowner

This is the most expensive key I have ever bought

4. Leave Gifts Behind- Actually the biggest joy at Christmas is to give isn’t it? Why not send some abundant joy toward the person who is moving in. I am sure they will love your sectional sofa from 1971 that is just too heavy and too awkward to get out the front door.

5. Start Fresh- You are moving to a new home – do you really want to fill it with old things? Haven’t you gotten tired of your bedroom set, kitchen set, living room future, grandma’s antique clock, and your wedding pictures? I say embrace change stop being so shackled to the past!

6. Use Non Standard Moving Vehicles- Anyone can move with a 26 ft U-Haul truck but it takes skill to move an entire family using nothing but a skateboard, hatchback and pack mule.

7. Don’t Order The Pizza- Everyone knows the reason your friends and family have taken a day out of their lives to help you move is to get free pizza. It is also true that their rate of productively drops to zero once that pizza arrives. Don’t give in to those pizza leeches. If they start to question why the pizza hasn’t arrived call a restaurant at random and say; “I am so angry at your poor service I demand you cancel my order immediately”. I bet you can pull this off 4+ times before anyone catches on.

8. Pretend To Be Thor – You are going to break dishes when you move. You might as well have fun doing it.Smash glasses like Thor!

Packing the House

10 Boxes Down 900 to Go

9. Pack Decoy Boxes- Pick up twice as many boxes as you need and leave half of them empty. Take those empty boxes and tape them up just like your real boxes. Then label the decoys with heavy sounding contents like books, bricks, or anvils. Tell your helpers while they get all the furniture into the moving truck you will pack all the boxes into the van/car.

10. Pretend To Be A Fledgling Moving Company Looking to Hire- For a few weeks leading up to your move, post on job websites that you are starting ABC Moving and are looking for employees.  Collect resumes, hold over the phone interviews, whittle your selection down to a top 20. Then let the those remaining know the final part of the interview will require them to move a ‘mock family’ for an hour. After their hour is up tell them you will contact them within two weeks if you have a place for them in your company.

Bonus Tip I Learned From Dan– If moving just seems to daunting consider promoting yourself into supervisory status by ‘throwing your back out’ a few days before the big move. You get to have all the say of where boxes go, with peskiness of having to move the boxes yourself.

Bonus Tip I Learned From Laura– Moving isn’t just tiring it can be downright boring. Why not make a few people squirm by not packing your…umm…fancy undergarments. Enjoy a good quiet chuckle as you leave them hanging proudly in your closet for ‘someone’  to find as you have not only enlist help moving boxes but packing a few as well.

First House

Our New And First Home

Normally moving is no fun. But I hope this list has shown you that with a little creativity you can have a lot of fun on moving day. Happy moving!

House Hunting Is No Fun

Today is the day the first three houses we put offers on should have closed. You read that right, the first three.

The first house is the one that got away. It was beautiful, close to work for both Meghan and me, and we could afford it. Three other bidders felt the same way and we lost in a bidding war.

The second house was nice but according to our real estate agent over listed by almost $15,000 we tried to negotiate the price, they held firm, we walked.

The third house had an interesting design. There seemed like so much potential to add value, and it was at a bargain price. Then we did the inspection and we found an issue with the heating and plumbing system that almost pushed the house into uninsurable territory. After three weeks of negotiating both us and the seller reached an impasse, so we walked away from each other.

Instead of spending the last month packing and picking out paint colours I have been spending almost every waking moment hoping, wishing and waiting for our house to appear. While I have been sitting here writing this blog I have already corresponded four times with part of our reality team, called about a house, and checked listings twice ten times.

Currently we are in the middle of our fourth offer. We are on the edge about this one. The price we have agreed on is a bit higher than we wanted too. We agreed to it because they recently installed a new heat pump and we thought we would make up the difference in utility bill savings. But so far the information I have seen makes it seem like they are paying more for heating and power than we are. In a few hours I am either going to drop off a deposit cheque or withdraw the offer depending on the three reports I am waiting on.

As the title says, despite the excellent efforts of our realtor, lawyer, and mortgage broker house hunting so far has been no fun! Here are my top four reasons why house hunting is no fun;

1. My Entire Being Is Consumed With House Hunting

Did you know that Asher is starting to learn to walk? Or that Ariella is finally night trained and going to bed in ‘big girl’ underwear? Did you know that finally after three years of asking Meghan talked me into letting Ariella get her ears pierced? Or how about the fact that Simeon and I have decided to try out Taekwondo together. No? That is because I have lost myself to house hunting. I seem to be unable to do anything with my free time except scan for properties. This is killing me because beyond tales of my family I have so much to say! I have a really neat product sitting on my bedside end table begging to be reviewed and given away, there is a great community event coming up that I had planned on promoting. Heck I even managed to miss posting about Easter during my Holy Week blog posts, way to go pastor Christopher.

2. It Has Been Hard On My Get Healthier Plan 

I stress eat. We have been trying to avoid eating fast food at all and we have cut out buying snacks like bags of chips. But everyday this hunt lingers on I have been wanting to bury my disappointment at the bottom of a large fry and bag of salt and vinegar chips.

3. I Dislike Negotiating

I am constantly trying to convince someone that the home they have cared for is actually a piece of crap that I am still willing to take off their hands if they’d give me the right deal. This makes me feel mean, and cheap.

4. I Am Looking At My Things With Disdain

I love my bedroom set. And I really do like the very cool bunk bed we built for Simeon and Ariella. But these are not small things. Trying to find bedrooms the right size and shape for them to fit in has made me begin to look at these items with disdain.

I am sure our house is out there, the one we love, fit into and can afford. I am just getting tired of looking.