Time With Some Notable Biblical Women

It has been a long time since I sat here to write anything about fatherhood, faith or geekery. I probably should write a ‘catching up with you’ kind of blog, and perhaps I will. Not that I have anything particularly exciting to share or revel, it’s just been awhile.

Instead today I want to share something that has been percolating on my pastor’s desk for a number of months. Without a doubt the latter half of 2014 and the beginnings of 2015 had everyone talking about the status of women in society. That conversation seems to have quieted some, but I hope it is not gone away. It is so vital for us to keep talking and to keep pushing forward.

I know the church has collectively found taking part in this conversation difficult. We are generally speaking pretty good at cheering on motherhood. But beyond that we struggle. Some of these struggles are modern, but some stretch back centuries or more. Most of our struggles stem from trying to understand a handful of teachings found in the bible.

Many are trying to take these teachings and pull out black and white timeless absolutes. Others are trying to show the movement of scripture comparing what is being said in the bible to what is being said in the surrounding culture. I think both approaches have value, but both tend to lead to arguments as opposed to understanding.

I believe the best way to understand what the bible is trying to say is through people and story. We need to allow ourselves to hear the voices of real people from the past trying their best to live out important principles.

Here at Sackville Baptist we are going to spend the next five weeks with a few notable biblical women. Then on the sixth week we will tackle more broadly the topic of what the bible says about men and women. Starting this Sunday we will look into the lives of; MiriamRuth & Naomi,EstherLois, and finally the unnamed Syrophoenician Mother.

Each of these women are unique. The challenges they face are diverse. But each of their stories are so valuable and so rich. I am looking forward to learning more about these women in particular, and trying to tackle the ever important question; what does the bible say about the status of women? I hope you’ll consider joining along. Either with us in person, or here as I once again blog my sermons.

It’s nice to be back here again.

Biblical Women

2 thoughts on “Time With Some Notable Biblical Women

  1. Good for you for talking about women in the bible and their role in the church. Women have things to say about this but nothing will happen unless Christian men join the conversation too.

  2. Welcome back. I am happy that you are sharing again. The women of the Bible are fascinating. and I’m sure your sermons will be interesting. I have read Liz Curtis Higgs’ books on Bible women, and really enjoyed her interpretations. I used to have a problem with Paul and his views, but over the years have mostly come to terms with his writings. Context is very important in understanding.

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