Because It’s 2020

Blogging sort of died for me somewhere back in 2015. I’ve blamed it on a lot of things, time, a change of hobbies, family dynamics etc. Those are sort of true, but only sort of true. The real two reasons I stopped blogging was, 1- It became very clear that I was not going to become blogging famous. I wasn’t going to show up on ‘Top Daddy Blogs’ or ‘Must Read Blogs 2015’ or ‘Coolest People You’ve Never Heard Of Seriously Everybody Come And Read These Peoples Blogs And Give Them Lots of Attention and Money, Like Seriously’ And 2- I became a little obsessive looking at the blog stats. It just sort of sucked the fun out of it.

Anyway, I wrote a post back in 2016 to document a few life changes not the least of which was Meghan and her friend Adele launching Via Vita Academy and another post back in 2017 capturing the final day of Asher’s daycare marking the end of Drew’s going to daycare. I was pretty content to be done at that point. I felt like I had logged a particular chapter of our families lives the baby & toddler years.

In one part because of quarantine and in another part because Facebook keeps reminding us of previous things I had written Meghan suggested I should take blogging back up. Since all of my other hobbies are on hold that doesn’t sound like a crazy idea, beyond the fact that I don’t have a lot to say. It’s hard to imagine what very riveting writing is ahead of me;

Quarantine Log Day 60- I decided to change out of one set of pjs and put on a different set of pjs.

Quarantine Log Day 63- Today should be a good day, it is sunny. I think I will get some exercise, and maybe even go for a walk.

Quarantine Log Day 63b- Goodness I hate this I feel like the whole world is crashing down around me.

Quarantine Log Day 63c- Look I made cookies, they turned out pretty good since I just finished my three glass of wine!

I think you are really going to appreciate the read.

Well it’s probably worth doing a quick round up of the last three years. Hmmmm what are the highlights.

Ah I know!

Since 2017 we have all become award winning martial artists. It helps me that there are often only 3 or less people in my division so ‘award winning’ is technically true and has been reasonably easy to achieve. The kids have to work much harder to earn their hardware.

All kidding aside we have all take up Taekwon-Do and are doing fairly well. Meghan and I have our red belts, Sim has a red stripe, Ariella a blue belt and Asher his yellow belt. These photos were from our 2019 trip to Ontario.

In 2018 we drove across Canada and visit family in Alberta. Our plan was to fly out this summer…… but it’s 2020 so who knows at this point.

We have all been doing some running as well. This is April 2019 and my first timed 5k. I did pretty good and I look like I am enjoying myself more than I really was.

The shirt helped less than I had hoped it would.


The kids have been doing great at school. Via Vita has gone above and beyond to adapt to the stay at home orders and while it’s not ideal for anyone I am glad the kids will complete a full school year, and meet every requirement. They won’t have to catch up at all in the Fall.


That’s probably good for now. I suspect I’ll be back and update again. Maybe even before 2022 when we have finally been allowed to ventured into the streets again.

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