The Closing Of A Chapter

Delicious Cake!

There are lots of good reasons to bake a cake. Birthdays, weddings, and the desire to eat cake to name a few. This cake was not made for one of those reasons. This cake is to say thank you to Tracey, our daycare provider for a wonderful year of childcare.

Tomorrow is Asher’s last day of daycare before the summer. It actually is his last day of daycare period. And by extension it is the final day of daycare for our household. I knew this was coming all year, and in September when Asher began his final year of daycare I was fully looking forward to its conclusion.

Daycare Day 1 September 2016

Now that it is here my attitude has shifted. I am excited for Asher. He has been asking to go to school more or less all year. Over the past few weeks I have noticed just how much he is growing up to be ready for school in September.

I am excited for him, but I am sad for me. Friday’s have been our day together all year and that too has come to an end. I am going to miss these one on one days. A lot of the time they were nothing special, a trip to the grocery store or some other chore. We’ve watched movies, played with cars, shopped for Christmas, taken trips to the playground, we’ve laughed, and fought, and cried. It has been special, he’s been my solo wing-man longer than either Simeon or Ariella had been before him and I am going to miss this chapter of our families story.

I know every thing we did together wasn’t fun. But I was glad to have you with me.

Daycare in some form or another has been part of our families lives for the better part of six years. But is has been a strange six years. Meghan and I have both gone through periods of unemployment, and parental leave. Our needs for care seemed to shift pretty radically from year to year. Because of this we never had that one long term daycare provider we imaged we would. But what we lacked in consistency we made up for with excellency.

So as this chapter in our families story comes to an end I want to say thank you to Tracey. I want to say thank you to April. I want to say thank you to Michelle. I want to say thank you to Donna. I want to say thank you to Yolanda. I want to say thank you to Danielle. I want to say thank you to Sandra (my mother). The care you gave to our children is worth more than words can express, and more than we could ever afford to pay you. You helped shape our children in ways we likely will never know. Simeon, Ariella and Asher are more ready to take on the world because of your care, and we couldn’t be more thankful.

Wait Is That A New Post? It Is, Neat!

This is my first post since May of 2015. I didn’t mean to not write anything since May of 2015 that is just how things landed. I have however been feeling compelled to try to write again. Mostly because Facebook keeps reminding me of things I wrote before. I have been treated to memories and feelings that had nearly completely slipped away from me that I got to relive. I think that I would like to be able to relive the things happening around me now some time later too.

The journey from May 2015 to September 2016 has been dramatic. Everyone is of course older. I am still adjusting to the idea that my children are 7, 5, and 3 not 6, 4 and 2. We are in that space were we have said goodbye to all things baby, and most things toddler while embracing all things school aged, and pre-school aged. I know I said I wouldn’t miss those baby years but there are moments that I do. Those moments don’t come at 2 am, or at meal times but still they come.

Off to summer camp

Getting older, but as cute as ever if I do say so myself.

The past few months have included a few more profound changes as well. First Meghan has become a co-founder of a school. I haven’t gotten used to writing or saying that out loud yet it sounds crazy but it is very true. For as long as I have know Meghan she has been  driven, and talented and ultimately she could do anything she wanted, but I didn’t expect this. And yet here we are Meghan along with her best friend and business partner Adele have opened there own school called Via Vita Academy. They even were able to hire a wonderful teacher, Alicia to complete their team this first year.

I am in awe of you ladies way to go following your dreams.

The school year kicked off last week with 20 excited students ranging from pre- kindergarten all the way up to grade 9. The school is focused on small classes, peer leadership, excellence in academics and learning essential life skills. I don’t want to turn this into a commercial but if you are in the greater Halifax area, have school aged children and are unhappy with your current school you really should check them out.

Working hard on their school garden

Working hard on their school garden

As for me, I have concluded my ministry as the solo pastor at Sackville United Baptist Church and have begun a new ministry as the lead pastor at Stevens Road United Baptist Church. It has been a good transition all be it somewhat bittersweet at times. We hated to say goodbye to many friends yet we were so excited to follow God where he was leading us. Stevens Road is another big change for us. I am a part of a pastoral team including an associate pastor of families and a worship director. It is great working alongside talented and passionate people.

Pastor Erin and I having a grand time at our dessert auction. Thanks Snapd Dartmouth for the photo!

Pastor Erin and I having a grand time at our dessert auction. Thanks Snapd Dartmouth for the photo!

I started here at the end of May and it has been great so far. Lots to learn, lots of people to get to know and more importantly lots of great work to do. I love our vision here at Stevens Road we exist to; Inspire deeper faith and service, to integrate generations in worship and ministry and to impact our community and beyond. Now all we have to do is figure out how we are being asked to do those things.

I still feel like I am leaving something out… Oh yeah I achieved two life long dreams. I grew a scraggly beard that and bought a light up bow tie for Christmas Eve!

Marry Christmas! I swear my beard looks less scraggy in person..a little anyway.

Marry Christmas! I swear my beard looks less scraggy in person..a little anyway.

That is probably enough out of me, how are you?

RV Adventures

My folks bought a massive RV earlier this year. It’s an idea that has been percolating for some time. I remember when I was a kid myself my father voicing a desire to own a cottage or camper. It has taken sometime but here we are now.

The RV Park officially opened up and we have already take our first trip of the summer a few weekends ago.

So far I have to say that going to a seasonal RV Park is like entering into a whole new world. People are all out and about, they are speaking with their neighbors, heck they are even going out of their way to introduce themselves to new people like us.  But the strangest thing of all is the children, they all seem to be rather free range. To be clear I don’t mean just the older children, those teetering on the teenage years. I mean pretty much all of the children.

On the first night we were there I walked with my kids to the park only to discover it fully populated with 4 and 6 year old children, but completely devoid of parents. The next day brought more of the same. We walked down to the bounce pad only to discover that the children were there in full force but the adults were nowhere to be found.

I watched kids figure out play equipment by themselves. I watched kids sort out the rules to games by themselves. I watched kids figure out where to toss their garbage from the treats they bought at the store by themselves.

I even heard one girl who couldn’t have been more than 9 tell her friend that she had to go turtle hunting with these other kids that she didn’t know because she couldn’t find her. Unsupervised turtle hunting with strange children, what world have I found myself in, Lord of the Flies?

Blurry Kids At Play

All kidding aside I am realizing rather quickly that my job here is going to be to a) make sure my kids know how to get to and from the playgrounds by themselves b) know how to assert themselves if they don’t like how kids are playing with them c) have some ability to know the time of day to come back for meals.

Actually as I reflect on these necessary skills for the RV Park I am wondering if I have been more of a helicopter parent than I realized.

Up until now wherever my children have gone we have brought them. Most times we were there on the sidelines watching in case they needed us to jump in.  And we’re have even selected all their friends for them. In short we have had pretty much total control of their play up until now.

But that isn’t going to fly at the RV park. Like me my kids have already noticed that most children there roam free of their parents. Maybe this is a good thing. My kids are getting older and I have always been impressed with their abilities to handle themselves under my watchful eye.  Maybe it is time for my parenting to grow up some as well.

Then again while I was sitting here on the sidelines of the park contemplating about how much wiser and more mature my children have become over these past few months a girl told me that my kids are eating rocks.

Perhaps I am getting a little ahead of myself. Or maybe I will add an item ‘D’ to our list of things to make sure the children know; a) Know how to travel to and from the camper b) know how to be assertive when needed c) Know to come back for meals and d) Don’t eat the rocks.

This should be a fun summer.


This post first appeared on the Urban Parent website. A wonderful site dedicated to all things parenting in Halifax.