Simeon: The Pokemon Master

This post is a story written for Mrs Meghan’s Junior Primary class for Simeon while he is student of the week at Newbridge Academy. Simeon has been attending the school for about a year now and I have been really impressed. For the sake of transparency Meghan is his teacher, still the fact that they have weekly swimming, skating, dance, and tennis lessons along with trips to the library, music and french classes makes this a pretty impressive Junior Primary class. The rest of the school is pretty awesome too. Keep up the good work.


Simeon like any kid dreams of being lots of things. Sometimes he dreams about being just like his daddy. Sometimes he dreams about being 13 years old so he can drink pop. Sometimes he dreams about being a hockey player. Sometimes he dreams about being able to stay home all day and do nothing except play his Wii U. But the thing that Simeon dreams most of all is about one day becoming a Pokemon Master.

Simeon loves Pokemon. He loves playing with his Pokemon stuffies. He loves playing with his Pokemon toys. He is even really having fun learning to play with his Pokemon cards. But he still wishes he could be a Pokemon Master for real.

Gotta Catch'Em All

Gotta Catch’Em All

One day while Simeon was playing with all his Pokemon he thought the same thing he thought every time, ‘I wish Pokemon were real so I could become a Pokemon Master.’ This time Simeon wished really, really, really really really really really hard. Harder than anyone had ever wished before.

Now I don’t really know why it happened. But somehow because of all that wishing Simeon’s toy pokeballs started to glow.


I Wanna Be The Very Best

Simeon knew something special must be happening. So he picked up his four pokeballs and decided to see if he could catch anything. The first person Simeon saw was his daddy. Simeon said, ‘”Daddy look my pokeballs are real now!” “Oh are they now?” his daddy replied. “Yes they are watch this. Pokeball Go!”

With those words Simeon tossed one of his pokeballs at his daddy and it opened up and Simeon caught him!

Caught YaInside the pokeball daddy became DaddiChu, the electric daddy mouse pokemon. This was pretty exciting. Simeon caught his first pokemon! He ran around the house quickly and caught three more pokemon. He caught his Mommy and baby brother Asher together and they became Mommikhan the mother pokemon who carries a baby, Ashkhan in her pouch. He caught his little sister Ariella and she became Arieffa, the pretty fairy pokemon. He even caught his dog Olivia who became Lilivia, the little dog pokemon.



Simeon was so, so, sooooooooo happy that he had all of this pokemon to himself. They played and played all day. But soon Simeon started to get hungry for supper. “Hmmm” thought Simeon, “Daddy usually makes my supper, what am I going to do? Oh I know! Go Daddichu!” In a burst of light Daddichu popped out of the pokeball. “Make supper Daddichu!” said Simeon.

But Daddichu just looked confused he wasn’t sure how to make supper. “Oh well that’s ok Daddichu I can just eat some cereal.” SImeon reached into the cupboard to get some cereal to eat but the box was too heavy and it spilled all over the floor. “Oh no! What a mess. Oh I know what to do. Go Lilivia!” Olivia always ate the food that fell on the floor. But Lilvia didn’t really want the cereal at all. She just looked it is not sure what to do. “Oh, well that`s ok Lilvia I guess I can clean it up myself”

After supper Simeon thought he should have a bath. But Mommy usually gave him a bath. He didn’t know how to make sure the water wasn’t too hot or too cold. And he couldn’t reach the shampoo. “I know what to do” thought Simeon, “Go Mommikhan!” But Mommikhan didn’t know how to give baths.”Oh well that’s Ok Mommikhan, I can try to have a bath tomorrow I guess.”

After supper Simeon and his pokemon played some more but he started to feel really really tired. “Maybe I should get everyone in bed.” Simeon started to put everyone in bed. He put Arieffa in Ariella’s bed, and Lilivia in Olivia’s bed, he decided that Mommikhan and Ashkhan should go in Asher’s crib since it was Asher’s bedtime.

bedtimeSimeon then put on his jammies and started to get into his bed. “But wait” he thought, “Who is going to tuck me in and give me a goodnight hug and kiss? Maybe Daddchu can do it? Go Daddichu!” But just like Daddichu couldn’t make supper he couldn’t tuck Simeon in or give goodnight hugs and kisses either.

Simeon sighed. “It was fun having everyone be pokemon for a bit but I miss Daddy, and Mommy, and Ariella and Asher and Olivia. I want to be a pokemon master, but I want my family here too!”

Simeon’s thought really hard for a minute and started to make a new wish. Because of Simeon’s wishing his pokeballs started to glow for the second time. But this time was different. The pokeballs shook, and shook and shook until they all opened up. Poof in a big flash of light Daddy, and Mommy and Ariella and Asher and Olivia all came back.

Simeon was really happy to see his family again. Daddy and Mommy tucked him into bed gave him hugs and kisses then Simeon went to sleep. While Simeon was sleeping he dreamed all about becoming a Pokemon Master. But this time he would find different people to become pokemon.

Pixelated To Protect The Innocent

Pixelated To Protect The Innocent

The End

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