Camping Has Changed A Lot

We went camping on the weekend. Camping wasn’t a big part of my family life growing up. I am told we went once when we were young but my sister got sick in the tent. Apparently the effort it took to go camping, and the memory of what a hot canvas tent filled with toddler puke smelled like was enough to keep us at home after that.

That means for me camping really began the summer when I was 20. That summer camping was a common thing to do. And by camping I mean we went out to the closest camping ground we could find to roast marshmallows/hot dogs and drink. 20-21 were my ‘rebellious’ years. I hadn’t committed to go to seminary yet, in fact I barely was attending church at all. If anything God and I were not really on speaking terms.

Packing to go camping at 20 didn’t take a lot of planning. Or in fact very many things. I packed a small tent, sleeping bag (no air mattress, no pillows), a package of hot dogs (no buns, no condiments) a package of marshmallows, booze, maybe a change of clothing and maybe a water bottle. That was pretty much it. Everything fit nicely into a duffle bag.

Apparently this trip in 2003 I also brought a towel and bathing suit. Go me

Apparently this trip in 2003 I also brought a towel and bathing suit. Oh and survivor buffs. Those things are great for camping

This past Friday as I worked on our weekend meal plan and took inventory of our camping supplies I chuckled to myself how much has changed. First I was making a meal plan. Like with vegetables and everything. Second it seemed perfectly reasonable to me to pack some disinfectant wipes. I mean I wouldn’t want the table cloth I was eating off of to be too dirty! Lastly trying to cram everything we needed for 2 nights of camping into the van could have been one of the 12 labours of Hercules.

But all the effort, and all the change was so worth it. During the weekend;

Asher thought starting a fire was the best thing ever-

Fire StarterAriella discovered everything tastes better when you eat it outside-

Hot Dog Outside

Simeon decided to be a leader and helper at the playground-

Merry Go Round


And Olivia got a chance to snuggle all night-

Olivia Snuggles


Camping for me has changed a lot. It was a big part of my rebellious time. And now I am hoping it will be a big part of my family time. After all I just bought a very cool collapsible sink that can double as a bathtub when needed!

Sink Tub

Oh mommy…I’m clean already

7 thoughts on “Camping Has Changed A Lot

  1. LOVE the bath on the table! When we went camping, there were no bathrooms and it felt so good having mum wash our faces with water boiled on the stove.

  2. And I am not anti ipad / DS / video game things at ALL . . . . but the kid on the merry go round makes me sad 😦

    • Yeah I hear you. I didn’t notice when I first took the picture, but that is kind of sad. We left our electronics at home which I think was a good call. I missed my 3DS briefly, but then switched more fully into camping mode

  3. I am sitting here and there is a whole lot of “Awwwwwwwww!” happening. 🙂

    You have a beautiful family.

    I have such an urge to go camping now! So many of my friends have been camping their way through the Maritimes this summer.

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