Pink Shoes Continued

The other day I posted about Pink Shoes and Bullies. I really appreciate the feedback I got and everyone who took time to read what is probably my longest blog to date. After Meghan got home from work and read it she pointed out that I made a couple of factual errors. Instead of editing the original post I figured I would post the corrections here along with updating you all on recent decisions.


1. The only reason Meghan and Simeon didn’t buy the Nike shoes in the store the other day was they were out of stock. The cost and colour were not deterrents for Meghan.

The Nike shoes my son wanted to buy

The Nike shoes my son wanted to buy

2. After showing Siemon a number of shoe choices on-line I thought we had ordered the DC shoes. We didn’t. After thinking about it some more Meghan thought the sole of the shoes was too thick and would not be comfortable for a full day running and playing.


Yesterday as I was finishing up making a delicious roast beef dinner with a sweet potato bake Meghan and the kids went out to pick up a birthday present for one of Simeon’s classmates. After finding a suitable gift they decided to take an impromptu shoe shopping trip as well. 

Like last time Simeon looked at various shoes on the wall that he liked. He narrowed his choices down to three, tried them on and picked his favorite. At the end of his selection process these are the shoes he decided on;

Pink Shoes

Meghan is Simeon’s teacher and she tells me that I don’t need to worry about the kids saying anything mean to Simeon about his shoes. After all lots of the girls wear ‘boys’ shoes complete with pictures of Spiderman. The principle here is the same. It appears as her co-workers also all agree with this sentiment as well.

I guess that settles that. Enjoy your new shoes buddy.

9 thoughts on “Pink Shoes Continued

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  2. To be absolutely completely honest, if I wasn’t the teacher I don’t know if I would have let Simeon choose the shoes he wanted. I would have diverted him to a more ‘appropriate’ pair because I too don’t want Sim to experience how cruel and mean kids can be. We want to protect our kids from hurt, especially if its a hurt we’ve experienced as kids. It is my hope that by letting Sim wear a colour that he likes in a safe environment that he’ll gain the confidence to be himself as he gets older and to not conform to silly cultural pressures. Love you! P.S. Don’t worry! I’ll take good care of him 🙂

  3. that is awesome! and good for you not making him think boys can’t like pink. My daughter tries to say that boys like blue, girls like pink (although her favorite color is blue) and my husband always jumps in to say he loves pink. And he doesn’t discourage my son playing with dolls, grocery carts or pink things and I love that. I think a world without so many gender stereotypes would be awesome and its fathers like you and my husband who are helping to break the ones we have. Kudos to you! (and for making a delicious sounding dinner) 🙂

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